Monday, November 29, 2010

You've never met a cat like Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch...the newest Fabulous Feline at Yarnmarket!

Sandi's Mom was delighted to tell us all about her prize-winning pussycat who has now been immortalized as a Fabulous Felines yarn!

“Horizons Fauna” was born on 17 April 2006 at Horizon’s Cattery in Whitby, Ontario. She is a Short Haired Champagne Burmilla. Her mother’s name is “Soliloquy” (a Long Haired Burmilla) and her father’s name is “Constitution” (a Sable/Brown European Burmese).

For six months I’d been searching throughout Canada for a female champagne Burmese or Burmilla kitten. When I initially contacted Horizons Cattery, Fauna was not for sale. The owners wanted to breed with her. Following her six monthly vet appointment, a genetic flaw was detected and it was recommended that she not become a breeder.

She came to us as a frightened and nervous seven month old with terrible table manners, ringworm and a bad cough. The first thing we did was change her name in keeping with our other two cats, Shelby Belby (Sable/Brown Foreign Burmese) and Sterly Whirly (Blue Himalayan). Her colouring, like that of a mountain lion, made naming her easy – Sandi Pandi. The second part of her name “Smooch Pooch” was added as her character developed, and she made her debut in the literary world in a book for my nieces entitled “Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch”.

Despite her nervousness, Sandi quickly asserted herself in the Webb household as a princess. She made it quite clear from the get-go that she was the boss of humans and felines alike.

Sandi is a very loving, cuddly, sensitive, affectionate and beautiful-natured cat. Her fur is like cashmere or alpaca - luxuriously soft and thick. She and I love nothing more than for me to bury my face in her fur! She smells wonderfully, like the outdoors after a rain shower. Her meow is very high pitched and she is quite the talker. Her purr is loud and soothing. She adores having her tummy, back and chin scratched. Her favourite food is salmon, with beef running a close second.

I like to think that I’m her best friend in the world, but in reality I might be on the heels of Shelby Belby. Shelby and Sandi are inseparable. They sleep, eat and play together. They never fight, although when disagreements arise, Sandi does seem to always get the last word in! Sandi and Shelby sleep in a heated, velvet cat sofa – they both adore the heat and hate the cold. Everything is in chaos when Sandi and Shelby play, but when they’re sleeping, the house descends into a wondrous calm.

Sandi’s favourite toy is a “spring”. Over the years I’ve bought countless bags of springs for her. She plays with them until they roll out of her reach, and it’s only when I move the fridge, sofa or TV that I replenish her stash. Although the springs bring her playfulness to the forefront, when I want to send her over the edge, I bring out the big guns – her catnip toys!

Sandi is very well behaved when it comes to my knitting and my yarn. Experience has been the teacher, and when I’m knitting she steps carefully and purposefully, always watching for my reaction, between me and my yarn.

Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch – she makes me laugh. When I think of Sandi, I smile a million smiles. She’s one of a kind and I love her to pieces!

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OzB said...

One million thank yous to Deb and all her fabulous Yarnmarket staff for helping Sandi Pandi reach her goals :-) She's impossibly ecstatic. It's embarrassing actually. This gal's all about self love!