Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's be thankful!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and on behalf of all the Yarn Martians at Yarnmarket, I'd like to thank you for letting us serve you throughout the past year. We get enormous pleasure out of helping our knitters and crocheters find the perfect yarns, books and patterns...and we love the challenges you throw at us when you need a specific dye lot or a magazine from earlier in the decade.

In the past year we've said goodbye to one much-loved employee, Brenda, who moved to California to help care for her brand new twin grand-babies. But we've added Mary and Janice to our staff and we're delighted they're here to help us fill orders for our customers around the world.

We're thankful for Stef and Michele who work so hard to get projects, yarns and patterns online for you and who are happy to show customers around our showroom whenever they drop by for a visit. Stef's our Fashionista who helps select patterns to promote, and Michele is our wonderful photographer whose work you see in our newsletters and online.

We're thankful for Susan who scans all the yarns and is so persnickety that she checks them out on all sorts of different computer monitors to ensure that what you see is as close as she can get to the real color.

We're thankful for Pat who keeps BargainYARNS filled with oodles of great buys, helps with the BargainYARNS Alert so you'll know what's in store, and who does such a great job organizing the BargainYARNS warehouse.

We're thankful for Jan who works tirelessly to create the Yarnmarket newsletters and bulletins that you love so much...and who, as our walking Yarndex, helps Alex select the yarns he's going to put into Yarnmarket.

We're thankful to Susie and Sharon and Jill who keep Yarndex updated, answer customer queries, help prepare yarns for inventory and do a myriad of other jobs necessary to keeping our customers happy, our yarns in-stock and our products online.

We're thankful to Lori for managing our inventory because we know what an enormous task it is to keep on top of over 800 yarns! She amazes us with her ability to juggle so many tasks.

We're thankful to Lynn who is so wonderful with our customers and who ensures that our orders are shipped out as quickly as possible. Lynn is that friendly voice you hear when you call us with your phone orders.

We're thankful to Jenny, our Web Mistress, who helps us develop wonderful new things like KnitchMagazine. We know we drive her crazy with our requests.

We're thankful to freelancers like our precious Amanda who designs our ads, Jared who makes sure we're at the top of the search engines, and Jerry who performs miracles on our databases.

We're especially thankful to Amy, Lisa, Tina, Mary, Julie, and Janice without whom none of this would be possible. They're on our front lines everyday -- picking and packing the orders and sending them out to you as quickly as they possibly can. They're the ones who are never seen because they work so hard behind the scenes.

To all our Yarn Martians, thanks for another wonderful year.

And to all our customers, we hope that you have as much to be thankful for as we have. We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Deb. I'm thankful for you guys too. And you don't drive me crazy with all of your requests...they are the reason I have a job!

Anonymous said...

Oops. I forgot to sign my comment.

Jenny (: