Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where have all the turkeys gone? Maybe their Animal Planet fame has beckoned them to Broadway.

As many of you know, we've been lamenting the disappearance of my Mom's turkeys. One minute they were standing at her kitchen window demanding to be fed, and the next minute they were gone. My step-father has been driving the country lanes of Caledon Hills in search of his wayward flock.

(Have I ever mentioned that Ralph's sign at entrance to their house says, "Hawk's Moon Hill"? Ha! We all know the truth. Ralph just didn't believe that "Turkey's Moon Hill" had quite the same panache.)

I think that my Mom's turkeys read about themselves on the Animal Planet blog and have high-tailed it to the big city lights of Broadway Avenue, Orangeville.

Yes, one minute they were just a bunch of pretty birds in somebody's back yard. The next minute, they'd wandered down the country lane in search of fame and fortune...and perhaps some corn and a drink of water.

I just hope they don't do what all the other famous chicks do: start strutting around like guttersnipes and abandoning their underpants.

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