Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aslan Trends is now at Yarnmarket! Ahhhh....

I am so excited! Yarnmarket is tickled pink to announce that we've just added the magnficent AslanTrends Yarns to our shop. They first contacted us a few weeks ago, and followed up with a box of yarns that I did not want to have to hand over to Alex. Instead, I showed them to all the ladies who stroked them and squeezed them and sighed, "Ahhh..."

Now how could Alex refuse us the yarn that made us all say, "Ahhhh...."?

Well, he couldn't. And here it is!

Now, if you're not familiar with the brand, AslanTrends was founded in 1951 -- so it's even older than I am! The company produces top quality natural yarns from Patagonia and the Andes mountains. I've seen their ads in Vogue Knitting, so I was sort of familiar with the line. You've probably seen them, too.

Among the yarns we're excited to present are Glaciar Del Cielo, Del Cerro and Guanaco.

Glaciar Del Cielo is a 100% Cotton yarn that comes in a variety of delicious colors. It's super soft and would be perfect for baby, kids and adult projects. Yarnmarket currently has ten projects you'll want to check out. Think of the wonderful holiday gifts this yarn would create.

Del Cerro is one of the softest 100% Merino Wool yarns you'll ever caress. We've got lots of colors to choose from, and several projects for warm winter wear.

Guanaco is actually a super soft and luxurious 60% Alpaca/40% Merino Wool blend. We have three projects online for that yarn, so it's easy to buy everything you need in one spot.

Oh...if you're not familiar with our Projects, you'll love them. Everything you need is in one spot so you can buy it without searching the site for all the tools. Of course, if you've already got something, just click it (or, un-click it...or whatever the heck you do to remove the check mark) and it will be removed from the shopping list. These are a couple of the projects you'll find for AslanTrends -- a cotton cardigan and a great pair of gauntlets.

If you'd like to take a look at the patterns for these scrumptiously soft and cosy yarns, we've got two books just filled with ideas.

Now, if you're one of those clever, creative people who create your own patterns, you're going to want to know all about the Aslan Trends Knitting Challenge. If you win, you'll not only win the admiration of knitters throughout the known universe, but you could also win some other great prizes. Here are the details:

The AslandTrends Knitting Challenge
You could win one of six great prizes when you enter the AslanTrends Knitting Challenge. Entrants are asked to create their own designs using AslanTrends Yarns. A panel of prestigious judges from the professional Knitting community will select winners who will receive a different amounts of cash and yarn. First place winners will also receive a free subscription to Vogue Knitting magazine.

Take a look at the great prizes!

Full size garments and/or Afghan blanket of at least 48× 60
First Place – $350 cash, 15 skeins of assorted AslanTrends yarn, and
1-year subscription to Vogue Knitting magazine.
Second Place – $200 cash, 10 skeins of assorted AslanTrends yarn.
Third Place – $125 cash, 5 skeins of assorted AslanTrends yarn.

Scarves, hats, hand bags and/or baby blanket
First Place – $250 cash, 15 skeins of assorted AslanTrends yarn,
and 1-year subscription to Vogue Knitting magazine.
Second Place – $150 cash, 10 skeins of assorted AslanTrends yarn.
Third Place – $100 cash, 5 skeins of assorted AslanTrends yarn.

For all the details, visit the AslandTrends web site.

Okay...back to business. Be sure to check out all our lovely new AslanTrends yarn. And, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by our showroom so you can actually fondle and squish these decadently soft creations.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Yarnmarket Bulletin!

Jan released another Yarnmarket Bulletin this week, and it's been a big hit! In this issue she features new yarns from Artyarns, Regia & Caledon Hills plus new colors from Lang, Rowan, RYC, Cherry Tree Hill, Regia & Gedifra. She also provides some great info on autumn and winter fashion trends and offers some terrific holiday gift ideas.

Be sure to subscribe to it so you'll get Jan's newsletter and bulletin every month.

That reminds me...a lot of my friends are really nervous about the current economic crisis. And with Christmas around the corner, they're anxious about spending too much money on gifts. We're reading a lot of articles urging people to consider homemade gifts this year -- not only to save, but to return to traditional values.

Well, I'm all for it. I can honestly tell you that there's nothing that will be cherished more than a gift made with your own two hands.

When I was 16 years old, my Grandma made me a quilt for Christmas. It was pink cotton squares, with pink and white gingham trim. Grandma used pieces of white yarn to make a little knot in the center of every square. That was 37 years ago. That pink quilt is long gone, and I have no photograph of it, but it's left in indelible impression on my heart. I picture it vividly.

I also keep in my drawer, in a plastic pouch, the white acrylic shawl Grandma knitted for me the Christmas before she died in the mid-70s. I may never wear that shawl -- because it's too precious to me -- but I will never, ever part with it.

Isn't that the kind of gift you want to give?

I really hope that instead of shopping for expensive trinkets and gadgets that won't be remembered, many of you will be making gifts to be cherished for decades to come.

Quick! It's Peruvia!

It started off as Peruvia, but became so popular that Berroco introduced the fat and fabulous Berroco Peruvia Quick. This is such a terrific yarn that I've got to let everyone know about it. It's a warm and wonderful 100% highland wool in two big, fat plies...so it's great for all the new chunkier styles.

We're carrying 13 fantastic shades at Yarnmarket in the rich jewel tones that are so popular this season. There are lots of great patterns to choose from -- including this beautiful vest.

Introducing...Our Favorite Al

Everyone has a favorite Al. Al Einstein. Al Pacino. Al Abama.

Our favorite Al is Al Krogstad of Berroco yarns.

Al visits us here in the thriving megalopolis of Pickerington, Ohio to show us all the wonderful yarns and patterns Berroco has created for the upcoming fashion season. During his most recent visit, Al presented an array of summer colours and textures that would make you want to run to your blog to write adjectives like, "sumptuous," "stunning," and "irresistible."




We were so excited with what Al had to show us that we're now counting the days to summer. 214 days. Or 5136 hours. 308,160 minutes. 18.4896 million seconds.

Alex and Jan spent hours locked in a room with Al, his samples, a calculator and, apparently, a camera. When they emerged, they knew what wonderful Berroco yarns we'll have in store for you, and which gorgeous colors you'll be lusting after. Al helps us expand the color selection for spring and summer yarns we already carry, and he always introduces something new and exciting that he knows Yarnmarket shoppers will love.

But they aren't telling me...yet. They know that I'll go blabbing to everyone and they say it's still a secret.

But I promise that the minute I'm able to get the information out of them, I'll be posting it right here on our blog. So keep watching...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The November Newsletter is here!

Jan sent out our November newsletter today and it's jam-packed with great information about new yarns, patterns, books and accessories. Be sure to subscribe to it so you'll get Jan's newsletter and bulletin every month.

For November, we've added some fantastic new yarns from Rowan, Gedifra, and Tahki.Rowan's Shimmer is a glimmering delight you'll want for holiday festivities. And Tahki's Donegal Tweed is perfect for winter weekend wear.

From Gedifra, we're delighted to present four fabulous new additions -- Highland Alpaca, Marachela, Diandra and Darina. Any one of these would be great for Holiday gifts.

I love our exclusive Infinity sock yarn that uses Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select in a stunnig new array of colors. I see that it's already getting a lot of attention from knitters who want those hard-to-find, original yarns.

We're all very happy to be able to support cancer research with this exclusive collection of bags and cases from Della Q. Cancer research has always been important to us, but now we're particularly motivated to help out because my sister-in-law, Donna, has been winning her battle against breast cancer up in Canada. We're all so relieved, and very proud of her, as she's gone through the therapy and come out the other side, still smiling and laughing...and concerned about helping others. (Congratulations, Donna!) We've got an exclusive on these items until February, and are taking pre-orders now.

Be sure to subscribe to the Yarnmarket Newsletter and Bulletin. It's filled with great information you won't want to miss!

Our 200,000th Customer!

Last night at 5:20 p.m. ET we were thrilled to have our two hundred thousandth customer. Boy, we've come a long way from our first few orders in the autumn of 2003. To celebrate, we sent Wendy of Washington, DC a gift certificate for $100. She was thrilled to receive it. A nice surprise on Election Day, isn't it?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

February Knit 'n Style has arrived!

When you work with monthly magazines, it takes forever to see the results of your labor. This is why I really admire the editors. They slave away, working endless hours to pull together all the articles, concentrating on fashion seasons that are many months away. I guess they do some sort of psychic time travel so they can feel holiday festive in June and Valentine romantic in August.

Today I received my February copy of Knit 'n Style, so I'm thinking of hearts and flowers. And chocolate. Especially chocolate. (Note to Alex: Thanks for that bar of white Belgian chocolate that you left on my desk earlier today. Right now, it's making a wonderful dinner.)

I always get a great kick out of the Knit 'n Style Yarn Salon. It's where they present whatever new yarns they've received from vendors across the country. We love to send our yarns in whenever we can, and we're always so thankful to have them included.

In February's issue, our Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Impressionist Collection yarn was featured...and it's gorgeous. This is a really popular yarn and our shoppers just love the exclusive colorways we offer.

In the patterns section of the magazine -- which seems particularly huge this issue -- our own Caledon Hills Cabled Wrap appears. It's an original Yarnmarket creation, and we've now got it proudly displayed in our showroom for our shoppers to see...and for our staff to try on in the hope of getting it when it's no longer needed in the showroom.

One very happy surprise in the February issue is the inclusion of the pattern for the Windy Valley Qiviut Beaded Muffatee. I love Qiviut because it's so amazingly warm. The Beaded Muffatee is a cute little wrist warmer that is perfect for elegant evenings during the cold winter months.

If you haven't gotten your copy of February Knit 'n Style, be sure to get one because I think you'll find lots of great information and patterns you'll love.

Many thanks to Penelope Taylor for including us!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Regardez! Les Enfants #18 arrivent a Yarnmarket!

We're so excited to have the new Anny Blatt book in stock. Bouton d'Or Layette and Enfant #18 has 65 of the cutest patterns for babies and infants, including toys, overalls, sweaters and rompers. I really love the European childrens styles because they're so timelessly classic.

If you go to the Yarnmarket page you can see 21 of the patterns included in the book...so you know exactly what you'll get when you buy it.

Be sure to check out our great collection of Anny Blatt and Bouton d'Or yarns. The quality is exquisite and the colors are superb.

Geez...these patterns are nice enough to make me want to have a baby. Better yet, these patterns are nice enough to make me nag our daughter, Laura, to hurry up and make me a Grandma.

Oh! I ought to mention that this is the book that has the wrap-around cardigan pattern we're offering for free right now.