Tuesday, November 4, 2008

February Knit 'n Style has arrived!

When you work with monthly magazines, it takes forever to see the results of your labor. This is why I really admire the editors. They slave away, working endless hours to pull together all the articles, concentrating on fashion seasons that are many months away. I guess they do some sort of psychic time travel so they can feel holiday festive in June and Valentine romantic in August.

Today I received my February copy of Knit 'n Style, so I'm thinking of hearts and flowers. And chocolate. Especially chocolate. (Note to Alex: Thanks for that bar of white Belgian chocolate that you left on my desk earlier today. Right now, it's making a wonderful dinner.)

I always get a great kick out of the Knit 'n Style Yarn Salon. It's where they present whatever new yarns they've received from vendors across the country. We love to send our yarns in whenever we can, and we're always so thankful to have them included.

In February's issue, our Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Impressionist Collection yarn was featured...and it's gorgeous. This is a really popular yarn and our shoppers just love the exclusive colorways we offer.

In the patterns section of the magazine -- which seems particularly huge this issue -- our own Caledon Hills Cabled Wrap appears. It's an original Yarnmarket creation, and we've now got it proudly displayed in our showroom for our shoppers to see...and for our staff to try on in the hope of getting it when it's no longer needed in the showroom.

One very happy surprise in the February issue is the inclusion of the pattern for the Windy Valley Qiviut Beaded Muffatee. I love Qiviut because it's so amazingly warm. The Beaded Muffatee is a cute little wrist warmer that is perfect for elegant evenings during the cold winter months.

If you haven't gotten your copy of February Knit 'n Style, be sure to get one because I think you'll find lots of great information and patterns you'll love.

Many thanks to Penelope Taylor for including us!

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