Thursday, November 20, 2008

Introducing...Our Favorite Al

Everyone has a favorite Al. Al Einstein. Al Pacino. Al Abama.

Our favorite Al is Al Krogstad of Berroco yarns.

Al visits us here in the thriving megalopolis of Pickerington, Ohio to show us all the wonderful yarns and patterns Berroco has created for the upcoming fashion season. During his most recent visit, Al presented an array of summer colours and textures that would make you want to run to your blog to write adjectives like, "sumptuous," "stunning," and "irresistible."




We were so excited with what Al had to show us that we're now counting the days to summer. 214 days. Or 5136 hours. 308,160 minutes. 18.4896 million seconds.

Alex and Jan spent hours locked in a room with Al, his samples, a calculator and, apparently, a camera. When they emerged, they knew what wonderful Berroco yarns we'll have in store for you, and which gorgeous colors you'll be lusting after. Al helps us expand the color selection for spring and summer yarns we already carry, and he always introduces something new and exciting that he knows Yarnmarket shoppers will love.

But they aren't telling me...yet. They know that I'll go blabbing to everyone and they say it's still a secret.

But I promise that the minute I'm able to get the information out of them, I'll be posting it right here on our blog. So keep watching...

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