Monday, November 3, 2008

Regardez! Les Enfants #18 arrivent a Yarnmarket!

We're so excited to have the new Anny Blatt book in stock. Bouton d'Or Layette and Enfant #18 has 65 of the cutest patterns for babies and infants, including toys, overalls, sweaters and rompers. I really love the European childrens styles because they're so timelessly classic.

If you go to the Yarnmarket page you can see 21 of the patterns included in the you know exactly what you'll get when you buy it.

Be sure to check out our great collection of Anny Blatt and Bouton d'Or yarns. The quality is exquisite and the colors are superb.

Geez...these patterns are nice enough to make me want to have a baby. Better yet, these patterns are nice enough to make me nag our daughter, Laura, to hurry up and make me a Grandma.

Oh! I ought to mention that this is the book that has the wrap-around cardigan pattern we're offering for free right now.

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