Monday, August 31, 2009

Learn about entrelac knitting on the new Let's Knit2gether video

Yarnmarket is excited to sponsor Episode 56 of Let's Knit2gether, and we think you're going to want to see it because it's a great way to learn about entrelac knitting. I've never tried it because I thought it would be soooo difficult. But CAT makes it look really easy.

I love the way she gives us nice close-up shots of what she's doing stitch-by-stitch.

If you've ever wanted to see a terrific presentation of entrelac, and get a very easy explanation of this complicated looking technique be sure to check out the video! I'd love to hear from those of you who give it a try after watching this video presentation.

Friday, August 14, 2009

KnitchMagazine will be live tomorrow!

Well...Jenny's exhausted, I'm elated, Jan is feverishly working on her next bulletin, and Michele is happy that we've stopped shouting, "Quick! Cut this down to 250 x 160 pixels!"

It's always a big push at the end, no matter how well we plan, but we've got another KnitchMagazine on the launch pad...and the next edition is already in the works. As always, we've got some great interviews, including one with Stephen Sheard, founder of Rowan Yarn. He's a really interesting man with a great story to tell. We've also interviewed the delighted Linda McCleland and Thomas Ascough -- two terrific yarn reps who help make this such a wonderful industry to be in.

Be sure to read our article about the priest who is also a fashion designer. Believe me, this is one story you'll really enjoy. And then you'll want to get out your credit card and order one of his wonderful fashions. Father Andrew O'Connor is using his creative talents and his resources to help others through his Goods of Conscience designs -- one of which was recently featured in Vogue magazine, modeled by Cameron Diaz. Be sure to read about him in the article entitled, "Intelligent Design." (Special thanks to Father Jonathan Morris for introducing us to Fr. Andrew's work.)

As always, Barbara Rottman brings her own unique style to reviews for several new yarns and some old favorites, plus some books by Debbie Bliss and Nicky Epstein. She also teaches us about gauge and its importance.

There are so many wonderful articles in this issue of KnitchMagazine that I'm sure you're going to enjoy! And if you have any comments about them, please write and let me know.

I'm going to be away next week for my annual retreat at the monastery. (When I'm there, they end their prayers with, "Yes, Deb...we know. You're not Catholic.") I'm excited to see my good friend Brother John. (I'm bringing some pastels and paper for him so he can continue to create his masterpieces.) I'll be visiting Father Dennis Knight in Lexington for our annual Shepherd's Pie lunch at the pub down the street from him. And I'll also be having a lunch date with the gorgeous and talented Francesco Zavaglia, my neighbor's father who lives in Bardstown, KY. He's in his 90th year, but doesn't look a day over 70!

I'm sure all my YarnMartian associates are happy to see me go after a week of frenzied activity and several howls of, "Oh...rats!!!" whenever I ran into a computer glitch, couldn't find a shot I was looking for, or forgot I was supposed to be someplace when I was still hunched over my computer.

Jenny, who is expecting a baby any minute now, will be happy to have given birth to the autumn issue so she can now pay more attention to the next project on her list. (He's due September 4!)

Have a great week...and be sure to read KnitchMagazine!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

KnitchMagazine Autumn Issue is almost here!

We've been working our tails off to complete the autumn issue of KnitchMagazine, and we're really excited about the new fall fashions we'll be presenting. Barbara has reviewed several new yarns, Kathy Blumenstock -- a new writer for Yarnmarket -- has submitted a great article about portable knitting, and Jan has pulled together some terrific fashions we're sure you'll enjoy. I was honored to interview a fantastic new fashion designer who also just happens to be a priest!

If you haven't subscribed to the magazine, be sure to do so soon. Everyone works so hard to make it the best it can be: Jenny, our web goddess, designs it and pulls everything together into the glorious publication it is. And Michele, our designer/photographer/superwoman, takes shots of the fashions, creates logos and does everything else that needs to be completed to get this baby delivered!

While we've been pulling together the magazine, we've also been uploading lots of new yarns and patterns for the season. Stefanie has been working her fingers to the bones to upload the autumn season books and put together new projects so you can do your one-click shopping.

Meanwhile, Pat has been working her magic on the BargainYARNS Alert so everyone will know what's new and on sale. She sent out an issue today that featured lots of super savings on Red Heart yarns. We've got 20% off Red Heart Super Saver Economy, Red Heart Holiday Yarn and Premier Coral Batik. Be sure to order yours now!

Oh! Before I go I have to send a special secret message to the daughter of you-know-who: I know I've been nagging you that your Mom wants to be a grandma. Well, we've gotten together and have decided against it. I repeat -- we have decided that you should not make her a grandma. Not right now. She threatens to move to California to be with you and we really need her here at YarnMartian Central. We couldn't do without her!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Noro yarns at Yarnmarket!

Jan just let us know that she's added three fabulous new Noro yarns to our inventory!

The sample I'm showing is Noro Retro, a luxurious blend of wool, silk & angora. It's a tone-on-tone worsted weight yarn that will be perfect for multi-season use. The colours are absolutely sumptuous. This Sea Blue/Green will look good on everyone.

We've also added heavy-worsted Noro Bonbori that's spun with one strand of multi-hued, brushed wool entwined with a thin strand of contrasting shade.

And, last but not least is Noro Vintage, that is reminiscent of earlier times & fashions. This versatile, worsted-weight yarn has lovely drape and gorgeous color combos. It's a soft blend of 64% wool, 24% silk & 12% angora.

All Noro yarns are crafted in Japan and are known for their deep, rich, dyed-in-the-wool colors. They can be hard to find, so be sure to order what you need for your autumn projects!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You must see Knit 'n Style October Issue

We're always so happy when we get our new issue of Knit 'n Style because it's always filled with great new patterns. When we received our most recent issue, we were really delighted because TWO Yarnmarket patterns were included!

The first is a gorgeous cardigan by Sue Kawamoto using our Caledon Hills Worsted Wool. This is a really functional, fabulous piece for autumn and we know it's going to be a huge hit with our knitters. I love the way it looks both with the button cuffs and with the loose cuff that can be turned up, if you like.

Another pattern of ours that made the issue is Alice's Pink Ribbon Socks by Barbara Rottman. She designed these especially to raise awareness for breast cancer -- perfect for October, the month we are reminded to help support research to find a cure for this terrible illness.

I see that Penelope Taylor, the dynamic editor of the publication, included an article I wrote about our good friend Della Q and her efforts to raise money for breast cancer treatment and education in the Third World.

If you haven't yet purchased your copy of October's Knit 'n Style, be sure to do so. It's a great issue for autumn fashions, with handy how-to's and interesting articles for knitters of every skill level.

Where do you get the pattern for the sweater in our Vogue Ad?

We've been getting lots of calls about the unique Rowan sweater in our latest ad. It's the Cheadle pattern by Marie Wallin and can be found in Rowan Magazine 46.

It's knit in Cocoon yarn...and is absolutely stunning for the autumn.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New autumn Gedifra pattern book is on the way!

Wow! What terrific response we're getting from our autumn ad in Cast On, TKGA's magazine that features the gorgeous Gedifra pattern 1443 in Samina yarn. A lot of you have written or telephoned because you want to get working on it right away.

We've been told by Gedifra that the pattern books are on the way to Yarnmarket and should be here very soon. And, as soon as we have them, we'll post them to our site for our knitters.
Some of you have wisely asked, "Hey, how come you've got an ad for something that isn't for sale yet?" Here's the scoop: Magazines work months in advance. Ads for autumn are typically created in the spring -- long before the books are even available. So, we work with the manufacturers to select the best pattern for our ad, and then hope against hope that the pattern books are available before the magazines are out. Much of the time, we're right.

But it's always a challenge to create ads that show our knitters what's brand new for the season long before the patterns are even printed.

And if you think that's rough, just ask me about yarns we need to send for reviews. I recently received a note asking us to send yarn samples for the SUMMER 2010 issue of one of the more popular magazines! That's a year from now, but editors are busily working away on reviews and editorial for their readers. ( is online so it's much easier to present the fashions that are current AND available! As expected, we don't finish writing it until minutes before it goes online...and we're currently working on our Autumn issue for release this month.)

Please be patient with us about the Gedifra 1443 pattern that is in their 092 pattern book. I promise it's on the way...and we can't wait to get it!