Tuesday, August 11, 2009

KnitchMagazine Autumn Issue is almost here!

We've been working our tails off to complete the autumn issue of KnitchMagazine, and we're really excited about the new fall fashions we'll be presenting. Barbara has reviewed several new yarns, Kathy Blumenstock -- a new writer for Yarnmarket -- has submitted a great article about portable knitting, and Jan has pulled together some terrific fashions we're sure you'll enjoy. I was honored to interview a fantastic new fashion designer who also just happens to be a priest!

If you haven't subscribed to the magazine, be sure to do so soon. Everyone works so hard to make it the best it can be: Jenny, our web goddess, designs it and pulls everything together into the glorious publication it is. And Michele, our designer/photographer/superwoman, takes shots of the fashions, creates logos and does everything else that needs to be completed to get this baby delivered!

While we've been pulling together the magazine, we've also been uploading lots of new yarns and patterns for the season. Stefanie has been working her fingers to the bones to upload the autumn season books and put together new projects so you can do your one-click shopping.

Meanwhile, Pat has been working her magic on the BargainYARNS Alert so everyone will know what's new and on sale. She sent out an issue today that featured lots of super savings on Red Heart yarns. We've got 20% off Red Heart Super Saver Economy, Red Heart Holiday Yarn and Premier Coral Batik. Be sure to order yours now!

Oh! Before I go I have to send a special secret message to the daughter of you-know-who: I know I've been nagging you that your Mom wants to be a grandma. Well, we've gotten together and have decided against it. I repeat -- we have decided that you should not make her a grandma. Not right now. She threatens to move to California to be with you and we really need her here at YarnMartian Central. We couldn't do without her!

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