Monday, August 3, 2009

New autumn Gedifra pattern book is on the way!

Wow! What terrific response we're getting from our autumn ad in Cast On, TKGA's magazine that features the gorgeous Gedifra pattern 1443 in Samina yarn. A lot of you have written or telephoned because you want to get working on it right away.

We've been told by Gedifra that the pattern books are on the way to Yarnmarket and should be here very soon. And, as soon as we have them, we'll post them to our site for our knitters.
Some of you have wisely asked, "Hey, how come you've got an ad for something that isn't for sale yet?" Here's the scoop: Magazines work months in advance. Ads for autumn are typically created in the spring -- long before the books are even available. So, we work with the manufacturers to select the best pattern for our ad, and then hope against hope that the pattern books are available before the magazines are out. Much of the time, we're right.

But it's always a challenge to create ads that show our knitters what's brand new for the season long before the patterns are even printed.

And if you think that's rough, just ask me about yarns we need to send for reviews. I recently received a note asking us to send yarn samples for the SUMMER 2010 issue of one of the more popular magazines! That's a year from now, but editors are busily working away on reviews and editorial for their readers. ( is online so it's much easier to present the fashions that are current AND available! As expected, we don't finish writing it until minutes before it goes online...and we're currently working on our Autumn issue for release this month.)

Please be patient with us about the Gedifra 1443 pattern that is in their 092 pattern book. I promise it's on the way...and we can't wait to get it!

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