Friday, August 14, 2009

KnitchMagazine will be live tomorrow!

Well...Jenny's exhausted, I'm elated, Jan is feverishly working on her next bulletin, and Michele is happy that we've stopped shouting, "Quick! Cut this down to 250 x 160 pixels!"

It's always a big push at the end, no matter how well we plan, but we've got another KnitchMagazine on the launch pad...and the next edition is already in the works. As always, we've got some great interviews, including one with Stephen Sheard, founder of Rowan Yarn. He's a really interesting man with a great story to tell. We've also interviewed the delighted Linda McCleland and Thomas Ascough -- two terrific yarn reps who help make this such a wonderful industry to be in.

Be sure to read our article about the priest who is also a fashion designer. Believe me, this is one story you'll really enjoy. And then you'll want to get out your credit card and order one of his wonderful fashions. Father Andrew O'Connor is using his creative talents and his resources to help others through his Goods of Conscience designs -- one of which was recently featured in Vogue magazine, modeled by Cameron Diaz. Be sure to read about him in the article entitled, "Intelligent Design." (Special thanks to Father Jonathan Morris for introducing us to Fr. Andrew's work.)

As always, Barbara Rottman brings her own unique style to reviews for several new yarns and some old favorites, plus some books by Debbie Bliss and Nicky Epstein. She also teaches us about gauge and its importance.

There are so many wonderful articles in this issue of KnitchMagazine that I'm sure you're going to enjoy! And if you have any comments about them, please write and let me know.

I'm going to be away next week for my annual retreat at the monastery. (When I'm there, they end their prayers with, "Yes, Deb...we know. You're not Catholic.") I'm excited to see my good friend Brother John. (I'm bringing some pastels and paper for him so he can continue to create his masterpieces.) I'll be visiting Father Dennis Knight in Lexington for our annual Shepherd's Pie lunch at the pub down the street from him. And I'll also be having a lunch date with the gorgeous and talented Francesco Zavaglia, my neighbor's father who lives in Bardstown, KY. He's in his 90th year, but doesn't look a day over 70!

I'm sure all my YarnMartian associates are happy to see me go after a week of frenzied activity and several howls of, "Oh...rats!!!" whenever I ran into a computer glitch, couldn't find a shot I was looking for, or forgot I was supposed to be someplace when I was still hunched over my computer.

Jenny, who is expecting a baby any minute now, will be happy to have given birth to the autumn issue so she can now pay more attention to the next project on her list. (He's due September 4!)

Have a great week...and be sure to read KnitchMagazine!

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