Thursday, December 30, 2010

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You've got only two days remaining to enter the be sure to read our latest issue of Spotlight in which we tell you about Knit One, Crochet Too. This little yarn company has grown to become very respected amongst knitters, and it's an interesting story of passion, commitment and talent.

Enter the contest and you could win a Knit One, Crochet Too Gift Package worth over $125. The prize package includes the pattern for the Douceur Magic Mobius, 2 balls of Douceur et Soie Yarn, one Culinary Colors Dye Kit and three skeins of white yarn to use with it.

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Credit where credit isn't due.

Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms was interviewed by High Plains Knitter and I have to say that she's far, far too generous with her praise. She's making me blush...and if you know me you know it takes A LOT to make me turn red!

It turns out that Natalie has an American ancestry that she only recently learned about. It's absolutely fascinating...and it explains her passion for her critters and her intense love of nature.

Take a look at the blog. It's a nice piece about a very nice and talented lady.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Tires

You know how it is: you get all hyped up for Christmas and then it's over before you've even had time to say, "Pass me another piece of pie," or "It was very thoughtful of you to give me an economy-sized jar of depilatory cream."

Exhausted, you've got to pack up your gifts, and maybe some leftover turkey, and head right back to the home you left only a few hours ago...or so it seems.

We drove across the border back to the United States at peak time yesterday and were delighted that it took only 45 minutes of waiting in a line up before the Customs Agent grilled us about why we'd been out of the country, where we'd stayed and what we were bringing back with us. We were careful not to bring any fruits or meats forbidden by the US Government, and I noticed that some poor traveler who was unaware of the rules had jettisoned three contraband citrus fruits right in front of the Customs Booth. You know, if we're not being felt up by TSA guys at the airport, we're being arrested for smuggling tangerines across the border in our car.

Alex and I had our usual Christmas adventure of driving from place to place to place to see every kid and parent we have on this continent. Timing and logistics are always a challenge and we agonize over whether we'll get to see everyone at the appointed time and location. One little mishap and our entire schedule could be thrown out of whack. Then we'd have relatives circling like airplanes in a holding pattern. Believe me, you don't want circling relatives because by the time you fit them into your adjusted schedule they're a little tired and crabby.

We got to Alex's Mom's house on schedule but as we opened the doors of our car to get out we knew immediately that something was wrong. Our car was making a terrible hiss. More accurately, both our back tires were hissing. I got down on all fours to see what the problem was (because I'm closer to the ground than Alex) and even I, an automotive idiot, could tell that our tires were hosed. They were worn right down to the metal and I think the hiss was the sound of the hot metal on the snowy driveway.

We unpacked our load of gifts, then Alex headed over to Canadian Tire (the only tire store in the world that has a Bridal Registry, I think).

$453 later Alex returned with a couple of new tires and a warning from the service guy that we could have had a terrible accident on the highway, and that we should thank our lucky stars we made it 350 miles in snowy conditions.

Christmas wasn't off to a very good start. But at least we hadn't had an accident. Now we could relax and enjoy our visits with family. The kids would be arriving the next day.

Our youngest kid (the newly married one) was three hours late because the rental agency had run out of she and her husband couldn't stay with us very long. They had to get back onto the road to visit his parents.

Our eldest kid and grand-daughter arrived on time, but interrupted their three-hour visit with us for a quick shopping trip (I guess we're boring) so we didn't have much time with them, either. Who wants to be with parents when there's an outlet mall just down the street?

Our middle kid (often referred to as "The Good One") drove from NJ to Canada with her husband just as we were on our way back to the US. We met Laura and Mike at a coffee shop outside of Toronto and didn't have much time with them, either. They gave us a Gift Certificate for a nice dinner near the house they recently bought, thus ensuring we'll travel to New Jersey to visit them as soon as we can.

Between visits with the kids we stayed with Alex's Mom who celebrated her 88th birthday. Then we stayed at my Mom and Step-father's house for a couple of days where we watched the wild turkeys in her yard. On Christmas Day we dined on capons because my mother will no longer eat the same birds that look in her kitchen window demanding food. We also got to see my Dad who, I'm sorry to say, is going to have another MRI this week.


The doctor said he's 99.9% sure that there's absolutely nothing wrong with my father. But because the technician did not do the first MRI the right way -- both with and without dye -- my Dad has to go back to have a second one. He's now convinced that this is because the doctor is 0.1% certain that he has some terrible illness that has never been seen before and will require a team of dozens of surgeons to repair...if repair is even possible.

I'm hoping that the doctor gets the results immediately and informs my father that he's absolutely 100% certain that there's nothing wrong with him because my father gets so worried that he can't even go to work from the time he has the test until he gets the results. Last time, it was 11 days.

Can you imagine phoning into work and saying you couldn't be there because you had a test?

"Sorry, but I had an MRI today and I won't be coming in."
"Oh...okay. See you tomorrow."
"Well, I won't be in tomorrow, either."
"Why not?"
"Because I had an MRI today."
"Well, I don't have the results yet."
"So why can't you come into work?"
"Because I'm waiting for the results."
"I have to sit here at home and wait for the results."
"Don't you have a cell phone?"
"Yes. But I have to wait at home for the results."
"Are you feeling sick?"
"No. I feel fine. Great, in fact. But I might be sick. So I have to wait here for the call."
"When are they going to call?"
"In a week or so."

Believe me...I cannot make this stuff up. My imagination isn't that good.

Anyway, we had a great Christmas. We got to spend a little bit of time with the kids, a couple of days with our parents, and lots of time together in the car. Just Alex and me. Alone. Together. For sixteen hours. And we didn't even have a fist fight.

While we were traveling, I got to knit a scarf in that beautiful new Anny Blatt Absolu yarn which is soft and fluffy beyond all description.

And I got two new tires on my car.

I hope that your Christmas was as happy and uneventful as ours.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My X-rated blog. Don't read it if you blush.

Okay...I just finished reading a report that said the UK wants Internet porn to be opt-in only. That sounds terrific to me. But can you just imagine the Customer Service calls as people opt-in?

CUSTOMER SERVICE: British Internet Company. May I help you?
CUSTOMER: Yes. I'd like to order some porn.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Your account number?
CUSTOMER: 1234567.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Is this Mr. Billingsworth I'm speaking to?
CUSTOMER SERVICE:Could you verify your birthdate please?
CUSTOMER: July 1, 1966.
CUSTOMER SERVICE:Now, what kind of porn would you like?
CUSTOMER: The really dirty stuff.
CUSTOMER: How much does it cost?
CUSTOMER SERVICE: XX is 49.95 British pounds per month. XXX is 149 British pounds per month. And XXXX is 1049 British pounds per month.
CUSTOMER: Gee...I don't know. What's the difference?
CUSTOMER SERVICE: XX provides access to dirty chat rooms. XXX provides access to dirty chat rooms, instant dirty messaging, and dirty pictures with black bars across the naughty bits.
CUSTOMER: And what about XXXX?
CUSTOMER SERVICE: That's dirty chat rooms, instant dirty messaging, dirty pictures without the black bars, dirty videos, and an invitation to the monthly orgy.
CUSTOMER: Wow! That sounds great. Are you offering trial discounts?
CUSTOMER SERVICE: No, sir. Shall I sign you up for the XXXX at 1049 pounds per month?
CUSTOMER: I'm on a tight budget. Maybe I'd better start with XXX first.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Brilliant. Now, we offer a full selection of fetishes for just a few more pence a day. Are you interested in the foot fetish?
CUSTOMER: No...not feet. What else have you got?
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Breasts. We've got lots of breasts.
CUSTOMER: Ohh...I like them.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: With or without tattoos?
CUSTOMER: Without.
CUSTOMER: Oh, no...thanks...
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Okay...that's one triple X for 149 pounds per month plus the boob fetish with no tattoos or piercings for just 9 pounds per month extra. Might I interest you in some terrific specials on our Pick-Your-Porn Packages? If you're an animal lover, we have the Caligula Collection, an exciting array of...

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

One of our wonderful customers, Jackie Awerman, just sent us a link to a video she wanted to share with us. I was delighted to see it for a couple of reasons.

First, it was so nice of her to want to share it with us.

Second, it was created at the shopping Mall that Alex takes his Mom to when he visits her in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It's in the next town over.

What a coincidence! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Fabulous Felines Calendars are now for sale! All profits go to a cat charity.

If you love pussycats, you'll want a copy of the 2011 Fabulous Felines of Yarnmarket Calendar. It features 13 pretty pusses who inspired the Fabulous Felines Chunky yarns created by Iris Schreier.

This calendar presents a new kitty each month:

Cover -- Ira
January -- Reggae
February -- Katrinka
March -- Sage
April -- Rajah
May -- Fidgesaurus Rex
June -- Fred
July -- Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch
August -- Hamlet
September -- Truffle
October -- Spooky
November -- Evie
December -- Valentino

It also has a little reminder to shop at Yarnmarket each month...because Alex reminded me that we need to sell yarn on occasion so we can stay in business so I can create fun little pussycat calendars.

All profits from the calendar will go to the cat rescue organization from which Rajah (April's Playcat) was adopted.

Do you have parents?

If you're like most people you have -- or have had -- parents. They're those people who keep you awake at night wondering, "Do I really have proof they're mine?"

My Mom is the kind of person who knows everything that's going on in the world, why it's happening and where it's ultimately going to lead us...which, by the way, isn't a good place. When she's not feeding turkeys or other critters in her yard, she's glued to the news channels, the Internet news providers and several investment forums where rich guys go to plan what they'll do after the Apocalypse. Her hobby is macro-economics. For fun she reads about the IMF. She can tell you which country has how much debt, who owns the IOUs and what's going to happen when the country defaults on the loan. You'd think that with a direct line to information like that from my Mom I'd be in far better financial shape.

I assure her that if I ever get beyond the micro-economic question of whether to buy my clothes at TJ Maxx or Filene's Basement, I'll pay more attention to the global economy.

My Step-Father is a saint. He buys turkey food, gives my Mom the sudoko from the newspaper every morning, and has never once looked her straight in the eye and said, "All of your children are insane." He's a nice, quiet guy...the kind of guy neighbors will tell reporters was "friendly and unassuming" when he climbs to the top of the water tower and demands an end to the Fed. Or just a really good corned beef sandwich.

My Dad, on the other hand, is one of those people who keeps your brain limber by being cagey and clever and completely insane. I have to be intellectually revved up when he calls me every Sunday evening precisely at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time to say, "Hi. Did you read my last email?"

" How 'bout you tell me what you wrote?"

And then the fun begins. He lobs a soft one at me. I lob it back. He corrects my French. I tell him he was wrong and that Dame Catherine Jenkins is not really a Dame. He tries to dazzle me with an intricate point of law. I counter immediately with, "Oh, look! A chicken!"

To be honest, my poor ol' Dad has been a little mopey lately because his doctors took an MRI of his heart and they won't tell him what the results are. On the day he had it they said, "You'll have the results on Tuesday."

On Tuesday they said, "You'll have the results tomorrow."

And then on Wednesday they said, "You'll have the results on Thursday."

You get the picture. He's in Canada so I'm thinking they probably ran out of money two weeks ago and need to wait until January to look at the scans and write their report. (The funny thing is that you think I'm kidding!)

So my poor old Dad, who seems to have no symptoms whatsoever, is worried that he's so sick a team of doctors is now sequestered in a Toronto hospital exploring ways of treating his rare and fatal disease.

I've been insisting, "Dad, if you don't have any symptoms, maybe you aren't even sick."

He's offended by the concept. "If I weren't sick, why'd they take the MRI?"

"They said you have a thickening on your heart and they told you they wanted a baseline. Remember?"

"They didn't tell me I wasn't sick."

"But they said if you were, they'd call you right away."

"They don't want to ruin my Christmas."

(My niece who works for Emergency Services very cheerfully told me, "Oh, no...we've got no problem telling people they're dying. We do it all the time." Well, that's a a sick and twisted sort of way.)

When I realized I couldn't cheer my Dad up with my own Google diagnosis of his condition -- it's on the north side of his heart, so it must be moss -- I tried talking about the holidays.

"So, we'll see you on Boxing Day. Okay? We'll come over to your place."

"No," he said. "You can't do that."

"Why not?"

"I'll tell you when I see you."

This is my Dad's way of being mysterious. He does it all the time...and it's a pretty neat way to avoid a topic because I will immediately forget about it. But this time I persisted.

"Geez...we can't come to your place for some mysterious reason and you'll tell me about it later?"

"Yes. I can't talk about it now," he says as if the CIA or Julian Assange were listening to the call and taking notes.

"Okay," I gave in. "But when you're thinking of an excuse why I can't visit, try to think of something selfless and noble...and perhaps even heroic."

He laughed -- ha! ha! -- as he tried very hard to think of something selfless, noble and heroic.

I ended the call with, "See you next week," and, "Mom claims you're not my real father."

Ahhh...parents...ya can't live without 'em! But maybe thanks to the miracle of science, future generations will be able to do so.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Gifts for ourselves? I got some goofy stuff. What did you buy?

Okay, I'll admit it. I actually bought myself a couple of things this year...and I feel guilty. But these are really neat things so I'll have to learn to live with my guilt.

First of all, I bought a funny sign for our yarn. I saw it in one of the catalogs we get and I just couldn't resist it. I bought one for my Mom and then thought, what the heck, I want one too! Alex put it up on a tree in our yard yesterday. It's in the back although I really wanted to put it in the front of the house but I figured it would be stolen. Every time I look at it I laugh.

Our house, as you'd imagine, is a cross between a library, a monastery, and a joke. A good psychiatrist would have an entire case study without even going downstairs.

The second thing I got is a little odd. But so am I, so it's perfect for me.

When I was 7 years old my Mom bought me one of the very few dolls I ever liked. I was never into dolls -- especially baby dolls -- so people were not only unsurprised when I failed to reproduce, they were relieved. I was pitifully lacking in maternal instincts for anything that didn't have four feet and fur. (The kids I do have came fully assembled with my husband. All I had to do was feed them on occasion, take them on vacations, and serve as mediator whenever they argued with their father.)

Anyway, in 1963 my Mom bought me a Charmin' Chatty Doll. It was a nerdy looking doll (for a nerdy looking me) and it said nerdy things when you pulled the string. I lost the doll's glasses very shortly after receiving the gift and I've felt guilty for...oh...several decades now. I found the doll on eBay and I bought it. When it arrived it was a little shabby, but after 50 years it's not half as shabby as I am. I washed its hair and clothes and cleaned it up as much as I could. Sure, it's still stained, but it's now mine and I'm really happy to have it. The doll reminds me of when I was young and my brothers and I couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve because we were so excited about what was under the tree. The prospect of getting new toys was the biggest thrill we had. Well...until my step-father came along the next year and bought us tickets to see the Beatles!

I think I'll re-live my youth one Christmas present at a time...which means that next year I'll be buying myself a Creepy Crawlers kit! (It's's swell!)

Did you buy yourself anything for Christmas?

Limited Edition Anny Blatt Absolu is Absolutely Magnifique! Give it to a knitter you love!

If you're a lover of rare and fine yarns, you're going to be thrilled when you see and feel this incredible, and incredibly rare yarn from Anny Blatt. We couldn't believe Anny Blatt Absolu when we saw it last week during Jean-Christophe's visit. Just look at the soft, glowing halo!

He showed us the yarn, the pretty little box it comes in, and the certificate of authenticity that accompanies each ball.'s THAT rare!

We loved it so much that we said, "Nous voudrons acheter tout vos Absolus!" (TRANSLATION: We want to buy ALL of your Absolu!" We bought everything that remained in stock for this season. Those French lessons are starting to pay off!)

If you're looking for something truly exotic and wonderful -- and still affordable -- this is a yarn to treasure. (We've heard that the price will be going up with the next harvest of bunny fur so you'll want to buy now!)

I suggest you buy everything you need at one time because even though we've purchased all the balls that were still available for the North American market, it's pretty rare stuff. We won't be able to get more until those little bunnies grow more fur for Anny Blatt.

Oh...if you order it early this week with second day delivery, you could have it in time for Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Announcing...the new, improved 2011 TKGA and Yarnmarket Knitting Design Contest

I'm delighted to announce that TKGA and Yarnmarket are ready to launch the Third Annual Knitting Design Contest. Each year we invite knitters to enter their designs into our competition. The prizes are Yarnmarket Gift Certificates plus the admiration and respect of all your peers!

This year we've changed the contest somewhat to enable knitters/designers who don't write patterns to win a prize in the competition. This means that pretty much anyone with talent and imagination has a great chance at a prize. We have two different categories: TKGA Members and TKGA Masters, each with its own judging criteria and prize structure. The top prize this year is $500. There are several others to be won, as well.

Entering is easy: you just have to fill out the form and send photos -- not the actual piece -- for the first round. Then, if your design is selected as a finalist, you'll be asked to submit the actual knitted piece.

Nicky Epstein, renowned designer, will be among our judges this year! Penny Sitler of TKGA and Jan Gratz of Yarnmarket will also be judges.

I really hope everyone will enter this contest. If you're not currently a TKGA Member, you can always join afterward if your item is selected for the finalists. (But it's a great organization with a terrific magazine, so you just might want to join it anyway!)

For more information, check out the details on the TKGA web site.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Watch the latest episode of LetsKnit2Gether...with CAT at Rhinebeck.

You've already seen a lot of Rhinebeck with CAT. Now here's you chance to see some of the silly things that happened there that weren't in her first few the pumpkin toss! As always, CAT gives us an entertaining peek at the fun and activities we weren't able to attend.

Hi, there. We'd like to borrow your goat.

Yarnmarket has just received an enormous box of Namaste Farms Yarns from our friend, Natalie. She's been very busy creating her Limited Editions, Ohm Kid Mohair and Charmed yarns over the past few weeks.

This new shipment included her gorgeous Limited Edition Long Locks yarn and I cannot believe how quickly it's selling. I think we've got some of the black Long Locks remaining...but the Ecru has already sold out! We can barely get it online before it's sold!

For the Goth fans out there, we've got a new selection of Limited Editions yarns with skulls. Some are glass and some are pewter. I love the pretty pink with the skulls. Only Natalie would think of something like that for a yarn!

My favorite right now is the Limited Editions yarns with the tabby cats. The photo is above. Isn't that fun?

And speaking of fun, Natalie received the strangest phone call.

"Hello, ma'am. I know this is an unusual request...but do you have a goat we could borrow?"

The call was from a young man at the Naval Academy. They want to borrow one of her goats as a mascot at the upcoming Qualcomm game on December 23. Of course, Natalie said yes and she'll be sending her goat off to its very first football game. When you're watching it, be sure to cheer for the goat. He's likely a little nervous and could use your moral support.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Rupert Day to all our shoppers...and to the New World Order.

Long time readers of the Yarnmarket blog may remember our Frank Mahovalich. This was when Alex and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary by declaring it "Frank Mahovalich Day." Frank's number on the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team was 27.

Frank, who is now a Senator in Ottawa, Canada, was so tickled by the event he sent us a letter to congratulate us on our "Mahovalich." Obviously, he's got a great sense of humor.

Well, today is our 29th anniversary and I really didn't know what it was -- silver, paper, cellophane, extruded plastic -- until Alex provided an answer this morning when I woke up. It's our Rupert.

My gift was a set of three DVDs entitled "Thinking Allowed." The subtitle is, "Conversations on the leading edge of knowledge and discovery."

Isn't that romantic?

On each of the DVDs is a lecture by Rupert Sheldrake: The Universal Organism, The Present of the Past, A New Science of Life. I can't wait to listen to what he has to say...even if I don't quite understand it all.

I've been hoping to attend one of Rupert Sheldrake's seminars in British Columbia in the summer but my Mom recently directed me to an article that claimed the facility he speaks at is a front for the New World Order. That leaves me conflicted. Do I want to support the New World Order?

I'm not really sure about the NWO, and whether they're affiliated with the Illuminati or the Intelligentsia. It's hard to keep track of those secret groups and there are so many of them that it's easy to get them confused. If they're Merovingians, I'm all for it. Who in the world hasn't dreamed of being a Merovingian?

But if they're part of some group that wants to take over the planet, I need to make a decision. Do I want to be one of the people they take over? Or do I want to join their little club and be one of the World's Elite? I have a feeling that it might be better to be one of 'em rather than against them...but before I commit myself I need a few answers:

1. Is there some sort of uniform I will have to wear if I join the New World Order? If so, what color is it? I don't look good in the primary colors.
2. Is there a special handshake or salute? My memory isn't very good anymore and if it's something really complex that I have to memorize, I might not be able to do it.
3. What are the fees? I work at a yarn shop so if the entry fees are too high I don't think I can join.
4. Do they offer financial assistance to those who can't pay the fees?
5. Where do they meet? If it's Kapuskacing in February, I think I'll pass. If it's Victoria, BC in June, I might be able to make it.
6. How long do the meetings last? Do they provide coffee during the breaks? And gluten-free cookies? Is it okay to sneak out to the bathroom during the speeches?
7. Can I sit in the front row? I'm not very tall and I hate not being able to see the speaker.
8. What are the NWO's goals and strategies for accomplishing their goals? Do they want World Domination? If so, what do they mean by that? Do they want to tell everyone what to do, what to think, and how to live? Do they control the World Economy? Are they in charge of the UN? Do they have translators on staff?
9. Can I be in charge of the bureau in Avignon? When they name their group "New World Order" I've got to assume they're global. And they must have branch offices. So I want Avignon...but I'll settle on Orvieto if Avignon is already taken.
10. Can I have next Thursday off for a doctor's appointment? I bought Alex some socks for our anniversary. He said, "No...I didn't say I wanted socks!" And now he's making me get my ears tested.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Fabulous Felines yarn is now a Fabulous Cowl

A few weeks ago I held a contest in which readers were invited to guess the hometown of Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch, the pussycat for whom we created a Fabulous Feline yarn. Shawn was the winner (guessing Whitby, Ontario) so I sent her a free skein.

It sure didn't take her long to create this beautiful cowl!

I was so enamored of her cowl that I went right home and started knitting one of my own. I'm using Stuie, who is a lovely variegated gray. I think I'll also have to create one of my own in Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch or Rajah. He's a pretty kitty, too...and a very lovely yarn.

Many thanks to Shawn for sharing her project with us!

Important Information about the Mysterious Katrinka

As you know, Yarnmarket invites pussycat owners from all over the world to submit photographs so their cat might be considered for our Fabulous Felines yarns. We select a cat, work with Iris Schreier to dye her exquisite merino yarn to match the cat, and then we name the yarn after the prize winning feline.

Among the first cats we selected was a mysterious one named Katrinka. Some of you may not have read the entire thread of messages that we received following the selection of Katrinka as a fabulous feline. They're interesting, shocking and -- at times -- horrifying.

If you have not already learned about the activities of Katrinka, and you are curious, you might want to visit the original post to read about her involvement with international incidents of the greatest magnitude.

As you can imagine, we at Yarnmarket were unaware of her affiliations with the "Underworld" when we selected her, but when we attempted to remove her from the list we received letters indicating it would not be in our best interests to do so.

I am telling you this because there has been a recent flurry of activity surrounding Katrinka, and I think it's important to reiterate that Yarnmarket in no way condones the activities of this shape-shifting, uber-assassin pussycat and that it is only for the safety of all our employees, and the continued existence of Pickerington, OH that we permit her to remain a Fabulous Feline.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this!

When Alex and I got home from the shop today, the trees behind our house were filled with birds. Alex thinks they're European Starlings, but I'm convinced they're African Swallows who've already dropped their coconuts.

Thousands of them descended upon the forest, and they stayed there for quite a while, chirping their heads off. Perhaps the Nikifortchuk Residence is a stop-over on their trip from the North to the Equator in the autumn. We'll keep our eye out for them on their return flight in the spring.

Every March our trees out back are filled with buzzards. Big, ugly buzzards. They're on their way home to Hinckley, Ohio.

All those bird feeders in our yard must be paying off and word's getting around the bird community that we're Feather Friendly.

Does anyone know what kind of birds these are and where they're heading?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Natalie shows us how to create a faux Longtail Scarf...and teaches us how to dye with Kool-Aid!

Pull out your packages of Freckleface Strawberry, Loudmouth Lime and Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry! Natalie shows us how to create one of her gorgeous Longtail scarves and gives us a great lesson in dyeing with Kool-Aid. (They don't make Funny Face drink mixes anymore. You can use Kool-Aid.)

Natalie is learning as she teaches and you'll enjoy watching her improvise with her colors.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Announcing the winner of our Artyarns Spotlight Contest

The winner of our Spotlight on Artyarns prize package is...Jann Bauder of Florida! Jann wins a gift package that includes Artyarns Beaded Mohair and Sequins yarn, a pattern for the Victorian Scarf, a copy of Iris Schreier's book, Exquisite Little Knits and 4 skeins of Felines Chunky yarn. Be sure to read your Spotlight when it arrives next week so you can enter our Spotlight contest.