Sunday, December 19, 2010

Limited Edition Anny Blatt Absolu is Absolutely Magnifique! Give it to a knitter you love!

If you're a lover of rare and fine yarns, you're going to be thrilled when you see and feel this incredible, and incredibly rare yarn from Anny Blatt. We couldn't believe Anny Blatt Absolu when we saw it last week during Jean-Christophe's visit. Just look at the soft, glowing halo!

He showed us the yarn, the pretty little box it comes in, and the certificate of authenticity that accompanies each ball.'s THAT rare!

We loved it so much that we said, "Nous voudrons acheter tout vos Absolus!" (TRANSLATION: We want to buy ALL of your Absolu!" We bought everything that remained in stock for this season. Those French lessons are starting to pay off!)

If you're looking for something truly exotic and wonderful -- and still affordable -- this is a yarn to treasure. (We've heard that the price will be going up with the next harvest of bunny fur so you'll want to buy now!)

I suggest you buy everything you need at one time because even though we've purchased all the balls that were still available for the North American market, it's pretty rare stuff. We won't be able to get more until those little bunnies grow more fur for Anny Blatt.

Oh...if you order it early this week with second day delivery, you could have it in time for Christmas!

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