Friday, December 17, 2010

Announcing...the new, improved 2011 TKGA and Yarnmarket Knitting Design Contest

I'm delighted to announce that TKGA and Yarnmarket are ready to launch the Third Annual Knitting Design Contest. Each year we invite knitters to enter their designs into our competition. The prizes are Yarnmarket Gift Certificates plus the admiration and respect of all your peers!

This year we've changed the contest somewhat to enable knitters/designers who don't write patterns to win a prize in the competition. This means that pretty much anyone with talent and imagination has a great chance at a prize. We have two different categories: TKGA Members and TKGA Masters, each with its own judging criteria and prize structure. The top prize this year is $500. There are several others to be won, as well.

Entering is easy: you just have to fill out the form and send photos -- not the actual piece -- for the first round. Then, if your design is selected as a finalist, you'll be asked to submit the actual knitted piece.

Nicky Epstein, renowned designer, will be among our judges this year! Penny Sitler of TKGA and Jan Gratz of Yarnmarket will also be judges.

I really hope everyone will enter this contest. If you're not currently a TKGA Member, you can always join afterward if your item is selected for the finalists. (But it's a great organization with a terrific magazine, so you just might want to join it anyway!)

For more information, check out the details on the TKGA web site.

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