Monday, December 13, 2010

Hi, there. We'd like to borrow your goat.

Yarnmarket has just received an enormous box of Namaste Farms Yarns from our friend, Natalie. She's been very busy creating her Limited Editions, Ohm Kid Mohair and Charmed yarns over the past few weeks.

This new shipment included her gorgeous Limited Edition Long Locks yarn and I cannot believe how quickly it's selling. I think we've got some of the black Long Locks remaining...but the Ecru has already sold out! We can barely get it online before it's sold!

For the Goth fans out there, we've got a new selection of Limited Editions yarns with skulls. Some are glass and some are pewter. I love the pretty pink with the skulls. Only Natalie would think of something like that for a yarn!

My favorite right now is the Limited Editions yarns with the tabby cats. The photo is above. Isn't that fun?

And speaking of fun, Natalie received the strangest phone call.

"Hello, ma'am. I know this is an unusual request...but do you have a goat we could borrow?"

The call was from a young man at the Naval Academy. They want to borrow one of her goats as a mascot at the upcoming Qualcomm game on December 23. Of course, Natalie said yes and she'll be sending her goat off to its very first football game. When you're watching it, be sure to cheer for the goat. He's likely a little nervous and could use your moral support.

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