Monday, December 20, 2010

Fabulous Felines Calendars are now for sale! All profits go to a cat charity.

If you love pussycats, you'll want a copy of the 2011 Fabulous Felines of Yarnmarket Calendar. It features 13 pretty pusses who inspired the Fabulous Felines Chunky yarns created by Iris Schreier.

This calendar presents a new kitty each month:

Cover -- Ira
January -- Reggae
February -- Katrinka
March -- Sage
April -- Rajah
May -- Fidgesaurus Rex
June -- Fred
July -- Sandi Pandi Smooch Pooch
August -- Hamlet
September -- Truffle
October -- Spooky
November -- Evie
December -- Valentino

It also has a little reminder to shop at Yarnmarket each month...because Alex reminded me that we need to sell yarn on occasion so we can stay in business so I can create fun little pussycat calendars.

All profits from the calendar will go to the cat rescue organization from which Rajah (April's Playcat) was adopted.

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OzB said...

Absolutely wonderful idea :-) I bought mine already!gdfrsfg