Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to my world. Goofy, yes. But not boring.

Every so often, someone will look at me, shake their head and comment, "You're in your own little world, aren't you?"

I beam back at them, "Yes, I am! And I like it here."

My own little world might not be luxurious, but the way I see it, it's the best place I can be. Here's why.

In my world...

1. There's always something to laugh at...even if it's only me.
2. There are sometimes home-made marshmallows. And when I'm lucky, they're served on hot chocolate at Les Deux Magots in Paris...if the TSA guys don't think they're plastic explosives and blow up my suitcase.
3. People are really, really, really interesting. Take Vinny Pinto, for example. How many of you can say you communicate with a shape-shifting minion of the uber-spy and assassin rag doll cat named Katrinka?
4. Everyone wears underpants. Even animals.
5. Nice people always win.
6. When the phone rings, there's a good chance it's someone calling to tell you something amazing. Like maybe David Bowie or Rupert Sheldrake or the lead singer for the Killers to tell you that they want to stop by for a fresh, home made marshmallow.
7. There is justice for all -- even if you get totally screwed by dirty rats like who sell you a ticket when there's no seat on the airplane but they won't refund your $500 or even respond to your emails. You meet a really nice guy like Michael Tremblay at Air Canada and he sees the injustice and does his best to fix it for you. (In my world's justice system the people at will end up in jail for fraud where they'll be loved by the guys in Cell Block C. I mean really loved. Loved within an inch of their deeply discounted lives.)
8. If your email goes down and you've lost years of hard work and all your contacts, you get to write a song about it.
9. When your friends say you're crazy, they're complimenting you.
10. You get to hang around monasteries and seminaries and read books by guys who are so much smarter than you that it almost makes your brain explode.
11. You get to hear the greatest music from the past 400 years -- like stuff by Monteverdi and Gabrielli and Beethoven and Supertramp, ELO, Yes, Genesis, the Fray and Snow Patrol.
12. You can remember really neat stuff like Fizzies, Space Food Sticks, Six Finger, Polaroid Swinger, Creepy Crawlers, Incredible Edibles, The Smothers Brothers, The Carol Burnett Show, Ed Sullivan, Beany & Cecil, Rocky & Bullwinkle, underpants that covered your entire bum, Hockey Night in Canada, riding your bike for miles and miles without anyone even thinking you'd be kidnapped, Mr. Ledrew's garden filled with moonflowers, getting excited about a lift-off, climbing trees, catching pollywogs, and sharing Bonomo Turkish Taffy with a friend.

See? Isn't it a nice world?

And I'll bet that your world is just as wonderful as mine. All you've got to do is look at it that way.

And then make a list.

I've got my "Happy List" that includes all the fantastic things I've seen and done in my life. It includes everything from "Jumped off the Kawarua Bridge" to "Touched the Rosetta Stone." (Yeah...I know. You're not supposed to touch it.)

This Holiday Season you should give yourself a gift: make your own Happy List. Then when you're moping around and feeling sorry for yourself, you can pull it out and say, "Holy cow! I've had a pretty good life."

That's what I like to do...while I'm feasting on home-made marshmallows and wondering why my underpants no longer cover my bum.


Robin said...

Does your world have a visiting area. Would love to be there. Homemade marshmellow- yummmm

Deborah Nikifortchuk said...

Robin -- You betcha! Everyone's welcome in my world! There are a few little rules:

1. You must wear underpants at all time. Even in the shower;
2. You can't be mean to anyone else who's there...even the really crazy people;
3. If you're feeling mean, you have to pat a pussycat until you're feeling happy;
4. You can't have David Bowie because he's mine, all mine;
5. You get extra marshmallows if you bring Gareth Malone with you for a singalong.

I'll leave the light on for you!