Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My grand-daughter the Canadian Air Cadet

Gee...it seems like only yesterday she was learning to ride a bike. Now she wants to fly airplanes! At all of twelve years old, Madison has decided that she wants to become a pilot. This shouldn't come as a surprise, I guess. When you live in Canada, your instincts to migrate southward kick in every autumn.

I remember when I lived there, I'd watch the geese as they passed over my house on their way toward the welcoming, warmer climate of Buffalo, NY. Oh, how I longed to join them...to spend winters lounging on the tropical beaches of Lake Erie...sipping a Pabst beer and nibbling on chicken wings. (Okay, I confess. The first time a flock of geese flew over my house in V-formation and making a terrible racket, I phoned my Mom, screaming, "Honky birds! Honky birds!" She almost choked to death, laughing at me as she listened to the birds in the background and informing me, "They're geese." It was at this point my Mom realized that her children were city kids -- not from the countryside like she was -- and we didn't know a goose from a pigeon.)

Madi's Mom sent us these photos of our little grand-baby in her new uniform. Judging from these shots, I think she's going to do well in the Cadets. She's already got that steely-eyed gaze, perfect posture, and look of cold composure.

I wonder if she'll end up joining the Canadian Military one day? Boy, that would be weird. She's all pink and sparkles and lipstick...a real "girly girl." She's not like her Grandma who skated like a hockey player, had her very own Six Finger toy gun/spy toolkit, and who beat up Billy Berkovich when he insulted her step-brother, David.

I'll bet a lot of Canadians will sleep better tonight knowing that Madison Skylar Snow is now learning to protect The Truth North Strong and Free.

And to think it was only yesterday that she wanted to become the next Madonna, Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton.

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