Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ever thought of visiting Yarn Martian Head Quarters? Read about someone who did...and who lived to tell the tale!

I just received a Google Alert about an online article that included mention of Yarnmarket. As you can imagine I clicked right to it to see what was said.

You never could be something like, "David Bowie is planning to visit Yarnmarket to pick up some yarn for his lovely knitting wife, Iman," or "Today, police in Pickerington, Ohio were called to Yarnmarket where a woman leapt on top of David Bowie, screaming, 'He's mine...all mine!'"

Well, it wasn't either of those stories...but it was just as good!

Please visit AudKnits to read about her trip to Yarnmarket and why you ought to stop by the next time you're heading along Interstate 70 and wondering, "Hmmm...where could I find about 4 million balls of yarn?"

It's a great article, and I love the website. I think you will, too.

If you've been thinking of coming to Yarnmarket, please do! I can think of a lot of reasons why you might be on Interstate 70 over the next few weeks:

1. You're going to watch a football game at OSU;
2. You're going to visit our lovely Hocking Hills to enjoy the serene natural beauty of a catastrophic glacial event;
3. You're going to Jeni's ice cream because you saw the CNN report that said Jeni's ice cream in Columbus is the best ice cream in the known universe;
4. You're fleeing from the police and you want to knit yourself a beard disguise;
5. You and the hubby are heading to the airport with a bottle of champagne and some chocolate dipped strawberries to celebrate your anniversary by engaging in a little naughty foreplay with our very friendly TSA Agents.


Sandy B said...

I just made my first stop at Yarnmarket as well. Wow! Just don't tell hubs how much I spent.

Deborah Knight said...

I swear...he could torture us with chocolate and we'd never breath a word about it.