Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet the Fabulous Feline Stuie....a sweet ol' guy who avoids the Paparazzi.

Here's a handsome fellow who comes to us in gorgeous shades of gray. He's Stuie, a 17-year old sweetypuss who would rather lounge than pose (unlike the diva, Sandi Pandi).

His mother wrote to us about how much Stuie likes to be babied...and where he likes to snooze:

He most enjoys sleeping late and -- most of all -- sleeping next to me at night on the sofa. He cannot wait for me to relax and sit down. Stuie will follow me around until I sit down so he can sleep on me or next to me.

Stuie stopped sleeping in my bed when his buddy Joey died after 15 years. I made him a bed from Joey's sheep skin bed, but Stuie didn't sleep on it until a year later. I got him a baby blanket from the thrift store.

We thought that Stuie would make a perfectly wonderful Fabulous Feline because he has such beautiful coloring, and we were really touched when we received his entry for the competition. The very last line of the letter simply read, "I love Stuie."

Yeah...we know what it's like to love a pussycat. Congratulations to Stuie on becoming a Yarnmarket Fabulous Feline!

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OzB said...

Oh he's an absolute sweetheart! Congratulations! A purrrrfect way to immortalize him :-)