Sunday, November 7, 2010

Have you checked out our latest bargains at BargainYARNS? We always have great savings on Berroco, too!

We’re always adding new yarns to BargainYARNS, Yarnmarket's sale and value site. This is where we put our ends-of-lines, special deals and the value-priced yarns that so many knitters and crocheters love for afghans.

In the past few we’ve added:

Peaches ‘n Creme by Pisgah
Bernat Baby Jacquards
Bernat Baby Coordinates

Filatura di Crosa Kiss
Ancient Threads Sockittome
Ancient Threads Tri

2Di4 Duo Cherry Tree Hill Alpine Lace
Cherry Tree Hill Silken Mohair

Bouton d’Or Ksar
Bouton d’Or Norma
Bouton d’Or Songe
Bouton d’Or Spiga
Bernat Baby Cakes
Bernat Mosaic

Kertzer Meadows Multi
Kertzer Meadows Solids
Kertzer Tiara

BargainYARNS always has a good selection of Berroco yarns on sale, too. Right now we have:
Berroco Icon
Berroco Keltic
Berroco Lavish
Berroco Mosaic FX
Berroco Plume FX Colors
Berroco Softwist Colors
Berroco Ultrasilk
Berroco Vibe
Berroco Zap
Berroco Zap Colors
Berroco Zen Colors
Berroco Zoom

Our Berroco yarns tend to go quickly so be sure to order yours now while they last!

When you shop at BargainYARNS you get the same superior service and fast delivery that you always receive from Yarnmarket.


Anonymous said...

I especially love bargain yarns for the books! Makes it so much easier to get the books you want for less. Thank you!

Deborah Knight said...

We get a shipment of new books in every month so we're always adding new bargains! Glad you like those "irregulars." Sometimes I can't find what the little nick or scrape is! (And I know I'd mess it up the first time I used it, so I'm happy to get a deal!)