Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learn all about Qiviut -- the cashmere of the north!

This episode of Let's Knit2Gether features CAT's trip to Alaska and her visit to a qiviut shop in Anchorage, Alaska. What a terrifically informational video! I loved learning about how the fibers are gathered, sent away to be spun, and then knitted into beautiful, soft garments by local knitters. I could tell by the way CAT handled the items in the store that she loves qiviut as much as I do. (I used to comment that I'd like to be strapped naked to the underbelly of a muskox. Then someone told me that it would feel scratchy...and not at all like the soft, sensational yarn.)

Did you know that it takes five years for the entire process from muskox to yarn? Did you know that qiviut doesn't have lanolin (one of the reasons why it's soft)? And did you know that we have a winner for our "Inspiration" contest?

Be sure to check out the newest edition of Let's Knit2Gether to find out!

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