Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet our Fabulous Felines

We received hundreds of pussycat photos from all over the world and I've got to say that there are some fabulous felines out there. Not only were the photographs absolutely gorgeous, some of the stories we received about the cats were truly heart-warming. So often, people expressed their deep affection for their cats, and they feel certain that their cats love them, too. Several times, I teared up as I read the stories.

We received photos from people who cared for a single cat whose health issues require constant attention...and from people who have as many as 23 strays they have welcomed into their home. Cats came to us from Norway, Germany, Wales, England, Canada and throughout the United States. One cat was a yachting pussycat, lounging on the deck of his owners' boat. Another well-traveled cat has crossed the country a couple of times...under his owner's airplane seat.

A particularly lovable cat who can tell when his owner is coming home has been asked to take part in the research study by Rupert Sheldrake. Others are simply stars in their own home.

I can't tell you how wonderful it's been over the past few weeks to open email after email featuring the adorable face of a pussycat.

Judging has been very difficult. We have only seven yarns to start off with and we will be adding many more throughout 2010.

As you can imagine, we wanted all the cats to win! Each one was so lovable in its own unique way that we wish we could have 300 yarns.

Because the choices were so difficult, we ended up selecting solely on color match and have decided that we'll select ADDITIONAL winners based on beauty, personality, and contribution.

Contribution? Sure! When we read what some of these cats are giving back to their owners -- in love and affection -- we thought they deserved their own yarn. So if your cat isn't named below, it might be among those who were selected for an upcoming Fabulous Felines yarn that will be hand-dyed specifically to match it. I'll be announcing their names as we continue to add new colors.

So now...for our very first colors for the Fabulous Felines yarn, I am delighted to announce THE WINNERS!

I will create one blog entry for each of our winning pussycats.

Remember...there are going to be many more yarns and many more pussycats to follow. The first release of Fabulous Felines yarns is now available at Yarnmarket! The winners will each receive one free ball of their pussycat's yarn.

Many thanks to each of you who were kind enough to send in your photographs. And I can't thank you enough for the stories you wrote about your cats. They really touched my heart.

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