Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet Valentino...the cat with the golden eyes.

When we saw this pussycat's face, we fell in love. Who wouldn't? After a lot of deliberation, we decided that the yarn intended for ginger cats was actually more gold than ginger...and that gold perfectly matched Valentino's eyes. So a new category was created and we're proud to present Valentino's Eyes.

Valentino is a doll faced Chinchilla Persian. He's two years old who shares his house with a family that includes a dog, and an ever growing collection of knitted goods.

He and the dog get along great, and the two of them follow their owner around the house. Because they're together most of the time, Valentino can't understand why the dog can go outdoors, while he's imprisoned.

When Valentino is done plotting kitty world domination for the day, he loves to watch the world go by from his beloved window. Then he heads to his room (which used belong to his owner who is now merely a lodger) for a nibble and rest on his favorite knitted throw.

You can tell that Valentino leads a hard life. He's another Fabulous Feline at Yarnmarket, giving his name to our new yarn, Valentino's Eyes.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Valentino. Anytime you want to go for a sail, let me know!!!

From Fred another Fabulous Feline winner

Deborah Knight said...

I just learned from Valentino's owner that they live in Malta. Perhaps Fred, the sea-faring pussycat, will stop by to visit him when he's on his next voyage.

Valentino said...

Thanks Fred! If you're ever around Malta, let me know. :) My owner has just been telling all about the yarn and the competition, but she's a tad concerned that my ego will grow to epic proportions for some reason...