Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Introducing Fidgesaurus Rex - The Fabulous Feline Who Tells Time

The couple who own Fidgesaurus Rex love chocolate. They claim that this beautiful Chocolate British Burmese is 70% cacao while his sister, Button Willow is milk chocolate.

Fidget is a smart, clock-watching cat who likes to keep a precise schedule. He insists on getting up at exactly 6:30 every morning. Or, more correctly, he likes his owner to get up at 6:30 every morning.

Because she's a school teacher, she normally sets her alarm for that time when classes are in. But on weekends and during the summer, she'd much prefer to get a little more shut-eye. But Fidgesaurus Rex will not allow it.

Because he knows the alarm summons his owner from her slumber, he has learned a way to simulate the alarm. He jumps on the writing desk that is next to the bed, and uses his paw to flick a brass drawer pull. The resulting noise is a clanging sound that is a very effective alarm. If his owner wants to "snooze" the alarm, she has to reach over and pet him. If she stops, the clanging starts again.

Once she's awake he presents her with his "Zombie Mouse" to throw from the bed into the next room. He flies off the bed, goes to "kill" the mouse, and returns the carcass to her for another round of fetch.

Somehow her husband sleeps through all of this. (Men can do that!) Button Willow, Fidget's sister, is annoyed by the morning activity, so she burrows under the covers, and stays put until breakfast is served. After breakfast Fidget chases Button through the house for a bit of exercise. Then, by mid-morning, they are one big swirl of chocolate, napping peacefully, entwined in each others arms.

Yarnmarket is delighted to name a Fabulous Feline yarn after the lovely and talented Fidgesaurus Rex.


Anonymous said...

As a frequent guest at the home of Fidget and Button, I can tell you this story is spot-on, 100% accurate. Fidget just insists we awake at 6:30, and if we don't, she gets quite annoyed. The only thing more-lovely than the cats, is the owners amazing knitting project and skills! No, I'm not some shill, just a proud brother-in-law who adores both the cats and his family.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Fidget. I too like to see my parents out of bed early (even though they are retired) they do need their exercise. I also have a sister that likes me to chase her (not!!!). - I think you would be a great sailor I'll let you know when we sail to Bahamas again.

- Fred - another Fabulous Feline winner -

Owned by Sage said...

His color his just amazing! He has beautiful eyes, too! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

The photo of Fidgesaurus and his sister sitting on their owner while she's knitting is absolutely precious! How many of us are in that position each time we pick up the needles?