Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here's fearless Fred...the sea-faring pussycat.

This fabulous puss is Fred, a thirteen year old, 16 pound kitty who spends part of his time in Canada and part of his time in Florida and the Bahamas. Yes, it's a cat's life, isn't it?

His owners are full-time RV'ers who insist that cats make excellent sailors. They tell us that Fred and his sister, Barnee, circumnavigated North America. To those of us who have lived the terror of taking their pussycat 4 blocks to a veterinarian, these are very unusual cats. In the six minutes it used to take to get my Hannibal from our house to the vet, he could pee his pants twice and auto-eject 80% of his fur from his body onto my clothing. So I'm in awe of anyone who could train two cats to enjoy non-stop car rides and boating -- and be just as happy in the tropics as he is in a Canadian snow storm.

We, at Yarnmarket, are proud to introduce Fred as one of our first Fabulous Felines.


Anonymous said...

Fred is indeed a Sailor and a great traveller. Nothing fazes Fred as he is a very loveable, laidback Himalayan. He is handling his fame graciously and my hubby Gary says "I hope his head doesn't swell to the size of his belly". - Congrats from Fred's mommy - Verna

Owned by Sage said...

Wow, he is gorgeous! And he's so calm and relaxed about everything!