Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet Reggae, the Abyssinian with Cattitude

Reggae is celebrating his 12 birthday his January. His owner tells us, "The time I have left with him is on the shorter side of long, so to have him remembered in a yarn color would be so fantastic!" Reggae is a handsome ruddy brown with tan -- a color unique to Abyssinians.

His full name is "Clarion's Reggae Thunder" but he's called "Reggae" for short. He chose to live with his owner (because we all know that cats choose us, not the other way around) after she had lost her domestic short hair, Jasmine.

She says she'd never had a purebred before, and wanted an Aby because they are so gorgeous. Like many cat owners, she went "just to look" at some kittens. When she picked up this little boy kitten, he licked her nose and purred like mad and she was the proud owner of Reggae.

Even though he's getting up in years, Reggae still plays fetch with sparkly balls and loves his catnip mice. When he was a kitten he stole a few of the beanie babies his owner had, so they became his.

Reggae growls like a dog when someone knocks on the door, and is very protective. He's an indoor cat, except on occasions when he's allowed to go outside with an escort. Then, he loves patrolling the perimeter of his backyard, or napping in the sun.

He's an excellent mouser who ensures the basement is kept 100% mouse-free. He prefers to be the only cat in the household so he can have all the attention.

Congratulations, Reggae. You're a Fabulous Feline!


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Imagine my surprise when a Ravelry friend linked me here!! Wow, we are honored!!
Nancy & Reggae!!!

km said...

Yeah! Congrats Nancy & Reggae! I think I need some Aby yarn. It would be Rex's coloring too.

Channon said...

Congrats Nancy & Reggae! You know I'll have to have some of that beautiful yarn...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, another Canadian winner, eh Congratulations Reggae. If you want to get out of the cold north, I'll let you know when we set sail again for the Bahamas. -

- from Fred another Fabulous Feline winner eh!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my big win has confused me! Thought you were Canadian eh. Invite is still extended to you too and congrats!!!

Ursula said...

Hi Nancy & Reggae
I am glad you won Reggae, Nancy, I am sure will make something out of the yarn for him, like a cover up for the winter. Well, good luck to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Reggae is a Fine Feline.
I have loved him long ang long.
Many years of Love and Comfort with your person, Nancy.
Scratches under the chin, my boy.
Just so very beautiful. :*)
Kisses from Miss B