Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Yarns, New Newsletter and New issue of KnitchMagazine!

I don't think we could be any busier than we are right now. We've got lots of customers coming into the showroom every day to see our beautiful yarns, we're in the middle of launching our fantastic new Abbey Collection and we're having our contest for the launch of Fabulous Felines. We're also being visited every day by those wonderful yarn reps who bring us lots of new products to add to our shelves.

We've already got more than 70 manufacturers at Yarnmarket, and 700 yarns, and it looks like we're adding A LOT MORE this season. What fun! And what madness!

Jan sent out a newsletter the other day with lots of terrific ideas for the holiday season. If you haven't seen it, be sure to sign up to our newsletters at so you'll always be among the first to know what's new at the yarn shop. She also sent me a quick note to say she just added the following yarns to our site:
Crystal Palace Lofty Wool
Anny Blatt Cosy
Tahki Presto

Jenny has done another magnificent job on KnitchMagazine...and the new Winter "Addition" is ready to go! If you want a sneak preview, it's live. But I've still got to send a note out to let all our subscribers know about it.

We were delighted to interview Cornelia Hamilton for this issue, and also to present a review of the new book about Noro. No Noro fan will want to miss this issue because it gives terrific insights into what has made the company -- and the yarn -- respected throughout the world.

This issue also features an interview with Linda Pratt, who is one of the driving forces behind Westminster Fibers. Linda travels the world seeking inspiration for the lines they represent: Rowan, Nashua, Gedifra, Regia and Anchor needle crafts. The article for KnitchMagazine has inspired me to try that gorgeous Samina yarn by Gedifra. I featured it in one a few of our ads, and if you haven't seen it, you absolutely must take a look. Linda explains how it's made and what makes it different from other fibers.

For a real peek behind the scenes, we interviewed the Karin Strom, editor of the industry magazine, "Yarn Market News" which is published by Soho -- the folks who also bring us Vogue Knitting Magazine. Karin really knows this business, and she offers some great advice on what to expect from your yarn shop.

There is so much more in KnitchMagazine that I urge you to take a look at it...and to subscribe so you'll receive alerts whenever Jenny makes updates.

Tomorrow we'll be closed from about noon until two in the afternoon while we have our annual YarnMartian Feast of Appreciation. I'd tell you what goes on there, but then they'd exile me to the netherlands of our warehouses to prohibit me from revealing any more company secrets. All I can say is that last year's Feast required two paddy wagons and a fire hose to break up the celebrations!

I hope that you're as busy as we are, and that you're enjoying the Holiday Season. I'll be back with more news about all our activities as soon as I get a chance to slow down a bit!

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