Monday, January 4, 2010

Our sincerest condolences on the recent passing of Rajah, a Yarnmarket Fabulous Feline

It is with the deepest regret that I am informing our readers of the recent passing of Rajah, one of the Yarnmarket Fabulous Felines.

Rajah was a Maine Coon/Siamese mix who suffered from epilepsy and FIP. He went to Pussycat Heaven on New Year's Day, in his 13th year.

Rajah was a Rescue cat who was later adopted by the family who cared for him. They considered him a sweet, gentle Giant. Despite the brain damage he suffered, he enjoyed the occasional round of catnip which would cause him to bop his five brother and sister pussycats on the head with his declawed paw.

Our hearts go out to his family, and to the other pussycats in the household who will most assuredly miss him.

We hope that Rajah is frolicking in the Elysium Fields right now, and that there's a lot of catnip to keep him happy. We encourage all our pussycat owners to give extra pats and bellyrubs tonight in honor of Rajah.


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I'm so sorry to read about Rajah. I hope his immortality in yarn will live on, and give his family comfort.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rajah! I'm so saddened that he has passed on, and wish his family ease in grieving for this wonderful big boy cat.

thinggtwoo said...

Many thanks to Deborah at Yarnmarket and all of Rajah's fans - thank you for your care & concern and love in these difficult days. We are glad Rajah is no longer suffering, but we'd be lying if we didn't admit to our broken hearts. I can't wait to knit up a Rajah blanket, so I can wrap myself in memories of The Mighty RajahDon!

Deborah said...

Over the next few days, we'll be offering the free pattern for, "Rajah's Blanket" that is gorgeously warm and soft for cold winter nights.

Additionally, we'll be holding a Silent Auction for the finished blanket to raise money to donate in Rajah's memory to whichever pussycat charity "Thinggtwoo" decides upon. I'll let everyone know when it's time to place your bids.