Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Customized Kitty Cat Labels for Fabulous Felines?

I'm thinking of doing something special with our Fabulous Felines line. We could let knitters who purchase a tabby yarn, for example, send us a photo and the name of their own Tabby pussycat and we could create customized labels. What do you think? We've now got nine colors of Fabulous Felines. We could do it maybe for one month because it would be a lot of work. Do you think knitters would like that? I'd love your opinions!


Elisha said...

I love this idea, honestly, and would love to see my fur-babies faces on yarns of their own colours. ^-^

Deborah Knight said...

I have a lovely shot of Puk on our contest web site!

That sweet pussycat of yours is still in the running! We're still working on a good white base yarn -- so there are lots more colors to come.

Glad you hate those teddy bear and pajama commercials, too. I was starting to think that maybe I'm just an old grouch.

Turns out I'm just old!

Elisha said...

I got the most amazing shot of Puk on Christmas Day last year, her face is so adorable at times.

That one you have up is so cute as it captures the fatness of her neck. A trait my fiancé highly admires in her. ^-^

Deborah Knight said...

What man doesn't appreciate a big, fat neck? I know my husband admires them. He just wish it were on a cat instead of his wife!

Puk looks beautiful in that photo!

Elisha said...

Hehehehe, my fiancé actually really loves that part just under my chin that - when one is a little overweight - gets all soft. He loves to rub me there like I'm a cat! ^-^

Puk occasionally takes the most gorgeous pictures, sometimes it's just right. Other times she's a total laser eyed googly-head. ^-^

Deborah Knight said...

As if there's something wrong with being a laser-eyed googly-head?!


Elisha said...

Nothing at all! Both cats go laser eyed and googly-headed quite frequently, and it is very cute! But I always think other people don't think they're cute like that, but they really are in my opinion. ^-^