Friday, January 8, 2010

Announcing another Fabulous Feline!

I'm delighted to announce that we've selected another beautiful pussycat to be a Yarnmarket Fabulous Feline. Meet Ira, the classic tabby who's achieved stardom at the tender age of eight months.

Ira is said to be too smart for his own good and very clever. And though he's likely Mensa material, he's still got a silly you can see by the photo of Ira the Box Cat.

Ira is extremely talkative and quite open about sharing his feelings. We understand that he's now meowing with glee to know that he's joined the ranks of Katrinka, Rajah, Fred and other pussycats who are making their mark on history. (Rather than making their marks on the arms of our sofas!)

Ira's hobbies include turning on the water in the bath tub, marathon bouts with the Turbo Toy, and talking to himself while looking out the window. He enjoys a good chin scratch and purrs at about the same decibel level as an outboard boat motor.

He's a sociable felow, who enjoys visiting the office of his servant (who thinks she owns him) and he's an excellent traveling companion/co-pilot. To date, he's visited most of New England and the Mid-Atlantic region -- mostly because like all cats, he's hoping to find some tuna. With any luck, he'll run into Fred, the sea-faring cat.

Ira also likes yarn, preferring wool over all others, and he makes regularly attempts to steal whatever sock his "owner" is currently working on.


zeedog said...

Bravo, Ira! Your Mamma, Auntie Cottonball, brother Bruno, and sister Wonk (and Mr. Sweaters, too) are all so proud of you! Keep it up and keep your "owner" in the yarn.

thinggtwoo said...

Congrats, Ira - what a handsome boy - and yarn! - you are!!