Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Impressionist Collection Masterpieces by Miriam

We're always so excited when one of our knitters shares their work with us. When I saw these absolutely stunning items on Ravelry, I just had to write to ask Miriam if I could show our Shear Bagatelle readers what she had created with Yarnmarket's Impressionist Collection yarns. She I'm delighted to present you with a couple of garments that are truly works of art.

The first one is called "Ostrich Plumes." It's a beaded rendition of Anne Hanson's Ostrich Plumes stole design with all the beads slip-stitched rather than knitted.

After blocking, the piece measures 60" long x 19" wide which is a little shorter than the original pattern even though Miriam added two extra pattern repeats. She chose not to stretch it any further by blocking so that the piece would retain its softness.

This is a really elegant piece that I can imagine wearing to the symphony or theater. I love the color Miriam chose -- Paris Rain -- in the gorgeous Zazu Hand Paints yarn by Twisted Sisters. This is a 100% merino wool with color inspired by Gustave Caillebotte's painting Paris Street: Rainy Day. It features pretty blues, teals and beige that would complement any complexion.

Another masterpiece by Miriam is her felted Entrelac sweater crafted in Rio de la Plata's Impressionist Merino Pampa. She chose the color Spring Bouquet based on Auguste Renoir's Bouquet of Spring Flowers. This is a pretty yarn in blue, green, cream and violet. The yarn is thick and thin, and proved to felt quite nicely. Miriam had decided to use this process to make the sweater snuggly warm and also to mute the colors so they'd look more like the Impressionist painting.

I didn't imagine that you could achieve the gorgeous effect that Miriam accomplished.

If you'd like to read more about Miriam's very cleverly crafted and creative projects, visit her area on Ravelry. I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I am with her talents!

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