Monday, January 18, 2010

If we knew a good lawyer, we'd sue Brittany!

This is a photo of the happiest woman in the world. Brenda.

For years now, Brenda has been nagging her daughter, Brittany, to make her a grand-mother. But, no. Brittany had to finish Law School. Brittany had to get a job. Brittany had to enjoy being a career-woman and wife.

Her mother, in the meantime, had to resort to working at Yarnmarket and stealing other people's grandchildren (my grand-daughter, Madison, in particular) because her own kid had far more important things to do.

Thanks, Brittany!

But all that has changed. This morning, Brenda appeared in my office with three little sets of booties and the biggest smile imaginable. She'd been crocheting all weekend because her daughter, Mrs. Corporate Lawyer, has learned that sometime at the end of the third quarter (when she's probably supposed to be going over Financial Statements to make sure there isn't anything illegal in them), she's going to be delivering a baby.

Yes...Brenda is going to be a grand-mother. This is good news for Brenda, and very bad news for Yarnmarket.

Brenda fully plans to sell her house and move to California where she can be with her new grand-child. We're not sure Brenda's husband knows about this, but if he knows what's good for him, he'll just go along with it. Otherwise, he'll be a very lonely old guy sitting by himself in a house in Pickerington, Ohio.

Over here at Yarnmarket, we're going to have to replace Brenda -- and we really don't want to. She does a great job serving our customers and shipping out hundreds of packages each evening when Marlon (our faithful UPS guy) shows up at the door.

Congratulations, Brenda. And Brittany. And the realtor who'll get to sell Brenda's house. And the person who'll buy it. And the folks in California who will be selling their house to Brenda so she can be close to her grand-baby.

And congratulations to whomever is going to replace Brenda at Yarnmarket. We hope you make cookies as good as Brenda's and that you don't have a daughter who's a corporate lawyer who's decided that it's time to have a baby.

(We'll let you know when Brenda's house sells and we need to replace her. There are a lot of local ladies who are going to be very, very happy about this wonderful/unfortunate turn of events -- depending on whose side you're on.)


Jenny said...

Congratulations Brenda! I'm very excited for you.

Jen said...

Congratulations, Brenda! You're going to love California, not to mention your new Grandbaby!