Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More news about Fabulous Felines yarns!

This indignant looking pussycat is Ira, a pretty tabby with golden eyes. He's wearing a creation crafted from his namesake yarn. It's a new color that was made available about a week ago. While Ira isn't necessarily thrilled with his garment, we're sure he's awfully flattered to have been chosen as a Yarnmarket Fabulous Feline.

This very beautiful pussycat with the mesmerizing gaze is Katrinka. She's wearing a cowl in her own Yarnmarket Fabulous Felines color. If you haven't read about Katrinka on this blog, you might want to learn about her. We thought she was simply a pretty little cat. Imagine our shock when we were notified that she's an international spy, uber-assassin, time-traveling shape shifter! Those who have come into contact with her have been posting messages that are often very frightening...and always entertaining. Please be assured that Yarnmarket will not be selling her green mercury-based yarns although we are trying to get hold of the red version.

Oh! Please don't forget to enter our silent auction to raise money for Mary's Kitty Korner in Pleasant Valley, NJ. Rajah was obtained from her rescue shelter and we're hoping that the auction of Rajah's blanket will help us make a contribution.

We're continuing to add new colors to this line of yarns so please keep your photos coming! Pussycats of every color are invited to enter.

You can see all the entries to our contest at our new Fabulous Felines site.


Lori said...

Ira was in the middle of a nap when I snuck the cowl over his head and snapped a quick picture. So perhaps a bit of annoyance came through :) He loves to snuggle the yarn and the cowl is appropriately covered in Ira hair.

Deborah said...

In my books, no wardrobe is complete without a thick layer of cat hair.