Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Possums are Coming!

We just got off the phone with Cheryl at Cherry Tree Hill and, boy, are we ever excited. We've just ordered a ton of Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock Yarn and are now scurrying around getting everything ready for its arrival. We've got to build the web page, make sure all the Ravellers know about it, and get everyone ready for the onslaught. This is an absolutely gorgeous yarn and it's a big hit around the world. (We just got a call from a Yarnmarket customer in Germany asking when it will arrive! Boy, word travels fast.)

We love working with Cheryl because she's brilliant and creates the most gorgeous colorways. If you haven't seen what she did with our exclusive Impressionist Collection Sockittome yarn, check it out! '

Stay tuned for further updates on "The Day of the Possum."

This is a possum.

This is a possum on feet. (Well...foot.)

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