Saturday, July 19, 2008

Possum Love

The Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock Yarn arrived and it's absolutely gorgeous! We've got 11 pretty colors that would make fabulous socks (or warm undergarments for my Canadian relatives).

You just occurred to me that our soldier friend's idea is perfect for all of us who really hate to knit that second sock.

Our daughter, Deidre, is visiting this weekend with her boyfriend, Matt. Little does he know that while Deidre and I are getting a pedicure today, he's going to be trying to fix my laptop. I think I need some new security protection and I know I have to change all my passwords. Last night, Alex mentioned he was trying to get into my email and he said, "I tried all of the passwords you use," and, I'll be darned, he rattled off a whole bunch of them. I didn't know he'd memorized my passwords! (He had a valid reason for wanting to get in. I was having trouble with it and he and our IT guy were trying to get it working again.)

But now that I know my husband knows ALL my passwords, I'd better find some new ones.

What if I get a love letter from David Bowie? If Alex reads my email and sees it, I just know he'll delete it before I have a chance to respond, "Yes, I'll gladly leave my husband for you. I've booked a flight to NY and will be there in two hours. Please don't tell the paparazzi." You know how much I hate having my picture taken.

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