Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Arrivals! Fabulous Summer Yarns

It's been really busy here at Yarnmarket. Not only are we getting lots of visitors thanks to the wonderful article in Knit 'N Style magazine, we're also meeting lots of Ravellers. What fun!

They're coming to see our new Showroom (that isn't quite finished yet because we're still adding yarns, moving furniture about, and putting up a computer station for our guests). By the end of this week, everything should be ready for prime time!

One area our visitors are particularly fond of is our "New Arrivals."

You should see what we've just gotten in! Absolutely gorgeous, lustrous Provence from Classic Elite. It's 100% mercerized cotton from Egypt, so you can imagine how nice it looks and feels.

This is Provence. Ahhh...Provence. I can smell the fields of lavendar...

Sirdar's Just Soya is not only ecologically thoughtful, it's fashionably sumptuous -- in a variety rich colors.

I really love our new Loop-d-Loop Birch by Teva Durham. It's 90% cotton with silk and has a lovely nubbly texture.

If you're having a baby, or you know someone who's having one (this is a hint to my daughter, Laura), Babyboo by Knit One, Crochet Too is soft and pretty for baby garments. It's 45% bamboo/55% nylon. It comes in lots of pretty colors.(If you want to see Laura, she's the lovely young woman on Major League Baseball's podcast, The Dish. She gives the movie, music and video info. Check her out on The Dish Episode #62. Wouldn't she look sweet knitting little booties out of Babyboo? In her job at MLB, Laura gets to meet all sorts of famous people I've never even heard of. In this podcast she's talking about movies I'll never see. But she says Alkaline Trio and the Pogues have new CDs out...and I'll probably want to buy them. I'm an Alternative Rock kind of Grandma.)

Okay...back to yarns...

Sirdar has also created a simply sublime organic cotton DK. Amazingly enough, they call it Sublime. It would be perfect for summer tops.

Another delicious organic cotton is the naturally dyed Purelife from Rowan. It's a DK, too. Every single ball is traceable -- just so you can be sure it's truly organic.

One of our newer manufacturers, who we're proud has joined the YarnMartian team, Frabjous Fibers has sent us the most divine nubbly silk yarns. Banana Silk Yarn has a beautiful luster. And for the eco-minded, their Recycled Silk Yarn is great for planet while it knits up into pretty summer wear.

This is Frabjous Silk Banana. Wonderful colors, eh?

We've also gotten in some autumn yarns...but I'll write about them in another post.

If you're in the area (and who wouldn't want to come to the thriving megalopolis of Pickerington, Ohio) drop by and see our new Showroom and all our new yarns.

One word of warning: When you walk into the building that has the "Showroom" sign on the window, and you look to the right, the person you see hunched over a computer, typing furiously, is me. Yes, I know my office is messy...and I really do plan to clean it up one of these days. (Our wonderful cleaner, Anne, just dusts around me and all my stuff when she visits us every Monday. I promise my home does not look like this!)

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