Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And now an X-rated soldier story!

As Liz was doing research for her story, she received this funny item from a front-line knitter who didn't want to be identified. You'll know why when you read it.

All I can say is that I don't think Yarnmarket has a pattern for this particular project!

The X-rated front-line knitting story...

"I'm a DoD contractor, and although I am back Stateside now, I was on a long mission working with the military in Asia. I knit when I'm on the job.

Currently, all of my military coworkers are guys, and they don't - although I do knit stuff for them.

I look for projects that have a beginning, a middle and an end, since a lot of my official work overseas is ongoing/never ending--so it's nice to see results in my knitting.

The irish hiking scarf pattern (from helloyarn.com) was requested by a couple of my friends, but they can't wear them on-duty, since the scarves are not regulation for their uniforms.

I am a small-project knitter: scarves, hats and mittens, although I have knit a pirate flag, many baby blankets (the base has a lot of young families), a couple of teddy bears and a life-sized thigh bone.

I also knit a weenie warmer (which came out HUGE due to an error in gauge.) This was much to my consternation but the owner of the weenie was thrilled.


madonnaearth said...

That is too hilarious! I cannot believe nobody commented on that...it must be very cold in Asia!

Deborah Knight said...

Hadn't thought of that! Now I know what to make all my Canadian relatives for Christmas!