Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bulletin Day

Today's bulletin has been a real hit! Jan sent it out this morning and the response has been phenomenal. The Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock yarn is getting a lot of attention, as are all those wonderful new Berroco yarns.

Norah Gaughn has come up with some terrific Berroco patterns for autumn that would look terrific on any shape.

A lot of our knitters are purchasing Sirdar's Just Soya and I'll bet it's because we've got that nice little summer top pattern for it. The buttons are adorable...I just love the feel of soy, don't you?

The Panda family from Crystal Palace sure has created a lot of excitement, as has the Noro Silk Garden Sock. (A lot of our knitters are sox fiends, but we don't hold it against them.)

Tonight we're keeping the lights on for some lovely ladies who called to say they'd like to visit us after work. I love it when I have an excuse to buy cookies for guests. They wouldn't have eaten dinner, I'm sure, and all our delectable Soya, Milk and Corn yarns will surely give them an appetite.

Tina's little boy had surgery on Monday and we're all wishing him a speedy recovery.

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