Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Knitting at the Front by Elizabeth Palmer

We get excited when customers contact us from around the world, and we were REALLY thrilled when one of our customers turned out to be Elizabeth Palmer, news reporter for CBS. She was over in Baghdad when she needed some yarn.

I wrote to her and mentioned that we get quite a few military orders (including ones from the Air Force Base in Antarctica) and that we're always so happy to be able to get yarn to our service people so they can knit -- wherever in the world they might be. Before you knew it, she put together a great story about Knitting on the Front. It was published in the most October 2008 issue of Knit 'n Style -- complete with photos of Liz in Fallujah.

Be sure to get that issue!

We've got a couple more items from knitting soldiers that I'm going to post.

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