Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweet little kitty needs a nice home!

I was minding my own business at the office this morning -- you know, inputting new yarn data and watching what was supposed to be the Casey Anthony trial in the top corner of my screen -- when I got a call from Alex.

"Come home right now," he said, almost in a panic.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"There's something here that won't stop following me. Come and do something about it."

Well, I know what a cat magnet Alex is, so it took me a nano-second to figure it out. As you may recall, it was two years ago on this very weekend that an injured cat we named "Scarface" appeared. Alex trapped him. We got him medical care. And then we found his owner. All was right with the world.

Well, another little pussycat has found us.

I rushed over to the grocery store to buy kitty litter, food and special cat milk (because Alex said he or she was too young to be out on its own) and I raced home to assess the problem.

Yup. It's a cat all right. It's a cute little kitty that loved the tuna Alex gave to it and then gobbled up the food I brought home.

You know how it goes. The cat is now sleeping happily in our house and Alex is outside so he won't have an allergy attack. He's very severely allergic to the cats who keep wanting him to adopt them.

So, my project this weekend will be finding the owner of this little kitty cat or finding someone who wants him.

If you'd like a lovable little kitty, please let me know. It comes complete with a supply of food and a catnip mouse.

Oh, yes...we'll even throw in some yarn.


AnneMarie said...

I'm very touched by your compassion. I lived in a neighborhood which was quite abusive to cats generally-speaking. I adopted four into my home kept feeding the ferel cats outside - treating them with worm med's, etc. My landlord and his brother even shot a very sweet cat with a gun - holding her stomach right up to it - then discarding her body across the street, left to die - and they sped away! She died on my lap, out on the steet. I heard her scream out when they shot her, and ran out.I expect this will be read by many, so I can't give you further contact information.
I hope that cat finds a good home. Meantime,she is safe with you. One of my cats was blind. I was going to name her Stevie Wonder, but he was a she - so I named her Stephanie Wonder. She played with my "big boy" Yin Yang. He was three times her size and was so gentle with her -he loved to challenge her and she knew wherever she batted her paws, she was sure to get him because he was so big. I kept their nails clipped down. I surely miss them very much. I still hope the Humane Society will even get them back. I gave them a $100 donation, too. I'll try to get Yin Yang - Stephanie - Tranquilla - and Rufas - on the google images and Bing images. Am not sure how to download them but I will seek that out. Tranquilla was tasered in the stomach by an intruder - most likely the marshal who helped himself to my ADT system, since I found out he had an illegitamate access to it. I gave no one my code.
Anyway, try searching online for others who may have paid for ferel cats and used the expenses as tax write-offs. I really think the animal rights organizations should be more informative with those things. Tranquilla would surely have died had it not been for a local organization paying for her surgery - her liver was even pushed up to her heart from that taser. The vet would not admit that it was a taser that nearly killed Tranquilla, but did admit she had no broken bones, and it was mystery since she was an indoor cat for 18 months at that point. That vet saved her life.


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Deborah said...

Anne Marie, you stories of the abuse of defenseless creatures brings tears to my eyes. I can't imagine anyone mistreating an animal. It's incomprehensible. Thank goodness there are kind-hearted people like you who are willing to help those poor creatures who've been so badly hurt. I honestly believe that those who help animals are the kindest of all because they know the only reward they can ever receive is their own satisfaction at knowing they've done the right thing.

Our little kitty is now in a wonderful home where she is the Queen of the Domain. I wish we could have kept her, but my husband's asthma made it impossible. We both had tears in our eyes when we drove her to her new home, but the woman who adopted her is such a wonderful person -- and there were so many other sweet animals in the household -- that we knew she was in the right place. She is now out in the countryside with close to 200 acres to roam safely.

I hope that you and all your pussycats are doing well, and let's all of us pray that humans who hurt defenseless animals will feel the full force of the law come down on them. They are something less than human because they are so sadly lacking in humanity.

Best regards,