Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stanley, Mousie, Ms Cleo, Manny, Mystic, and Ms Rosie await their new little sister

Our precious little kitty spent a nice holiday weekend in bed while Alex and I plastered the neighborhood with signs and fretted over her future. She stayed there all day Saturday and most of Sunday. By Saturday afternoon we were a little worried and I called the vet but couldn't get her in for a visit. When she got up to eat and go to the bathroom, I noticed she was having trouble so I sent Alex (the guy who claims not to love pussycats) out to the pet shop for some kitty laxative. That seemed to do the trick but she still wanted to stay in bed.

When I lifted her up she let our a little squeal so I realized she was in pain. I examined her, and then the photos we had of her shortly after arrival, and I noticed that her tail was always hanging low behind her. She didn't have it up like a flagpole the way most little kitties do.

So...it appears we've got a cat with a broken tail. Today we're taking her to Dr. Shields, a very nice veterinarian here in Pickerington, OH.

And as soon as she's well, she'll be joining her new family in Lancaster, OH! Isn't that wonderful! Donnely, one of our long-time customers, offered to take her in. We're really relieved because Alex mustn't live with cats. (Allery-induced asthma.)

Donnely has several other pussycats who we know will make wonderful siblings to our sweet little broken-tailed pussycat. This is a photograph of them after a mouse had been flushed. Apparently, they thought it could be retrieved!

Many, many thanks to Donnely for doing such a wonderful thing for this little kitty. You're our hero!

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