Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A kitty named Mercedes Bends

Even Dr. Shields commented, "This is a really nice cat." Yes, our little stray pussycat is adorable. She's docile, yet playful. Really the perfect little kitty.

After examining her he told me that she did have tail damage, but it would likely get better over time. He suspects she was dinged by a car. It hit her but didn't run over her. Just sort of bent her a bit.

That makes sense to me. There's a farm not far from our house that has a number of barn cats. Every once in a while, one of them will cross Highway 204 to our neighborhood. It appears that this little sweety must have decided to see if we have better quality mice on the north side of the street.

Tomorrow we'll pack her up and drive her to her new Mom in Lancaster, OH. Alex and I will cry because we really do adore her and we'd love to keep her. But I know her new family will welcome her with open arms and open paws and that she'll be very happy in a far safer place.

I can't thank Donnely enough for helping one more little kitty have a long and healthy life!

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