Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learn about Sock Yarns in today's Just My Type

We just sent out our Just My Type newsletter for the month, and if you're a sock knitter -- or you're thinking of giving socks a try -- you'll want to read this issue. It's got lots of information about sock yarns and books and patterns.

I know one little guy who ought to read it! This weekend when we were having our Open House at Yarnmarket, a woman brought in her son to see the yarns because he wants to learn to knit socks. I was so impressed! I mentioned to him that brain surgeons often knit to keep their hands agile, so if he learned to knit now he'd be ahead of the game if he should happen to become a brain surgeon some day. I think it's great that a young boy would have such an interest in creating something. Kudos to his Mom!

If you don't receive a copy of Just My Knit in your email, you can read it online.

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