Friday, February 4, 2011

Prism Stuff is the kind of Stuff you'll love!

When I first started knitting a few years ago, I was thrilled to discover Prism Stuff yarns. If you haven't ever seen them, you don't know what you've been missing!

Yarn and color expert, Laura Bryant, created skeins that are made from several different yarns all tied together. You might have strands of mohair, then ribbon, then glittery metallic, then fluffy eyelash. And what makes them most fun is that even with a plain, old garter stitch, the yarn is so magnificently beautiful that you create a virtual masterpiece -- quickly and easily.

I had fun making myself lots of Prism Stuff scarves -- using Neat Stuff, Cool Stuff, Wild Stuff -- any old Stuff I could get my hands on! My friends loved them so much that I was soon knitting Stuff scarves for anyone who asked. The photo, above, is one of my Stuff scarves. No, that's not me wearing it. That young lady is my body double...what I might have looked like if my Mom had had better taste in men...and had waited another 30 years to produce me.

The yarns are a little pricey but, believe me, they're worth it! One full skein for about $92 will create a very long, gorgeous scarf that everyone will notice. Even your husband!

I think that what excites me most about knitting with the Stuff yarns is that every change in yarn brings a wonderful surprise. I can't wait to see what each different yarn is going to look like. This makes me finish the pieces in record time...because I can't put my project down when there's an entirely new fiber coming up to enjoy.

If you're a beginner knitter, or just one who loves variety, I think you'll be as fond of these yarns as I am. I've knit with almost every color and type of Stuff yarn and I have to tell you that each one is an absolute joy to work with...and I cannot believe how many strangers will actually stop me on the street to say, "Where did you get that gorgeous scarf!"

If you're looking for something quick to add a little drama to your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with any little piece made of Prism Stuff.


Eunice said...

My favorite stuff projects were pillows. One skein made a pillow front with a velveteen back.

Laura B said...

Stuff does indeed make great pillows! Even if you aren't comfortable wearing a little bling, what home doesn't call out for some? If you don't sew, you can always buy an existing pillow and simply knit a front that you then sew on by hand. What fun!

Deborah Knight said...

Hey! Laura Bryant of Prism just stopped by to read our blog and the comments. Thanks for dropping in, Laura!