Monday, February 21, 2011

The newest addition of Knitch Magazine is now live!

Jenny and Jan sent out this morning's alert to let our shoppers know we've just launched the winter "addition" of Knitch Magazine. We call it an "addition" because the autumn articles and yarn and book reviews all remain live...but we've added some new features, reviews and FREE patterns for winter. We'll continue to add more over the next couple of weeks.

This addition has an interview with Linda Krag of Denise Needles, Laura Bryant of Prism, and Kara Gott Warner of Creative Knitting Magazine. I'm sure you'll enjoy about these ladies who contribute so much to the knitting industry.

We've also got an interview with Maggie Jackson of MaggiKnits and designer, Cathy Carron who we first presented in the autumn.

I have a question for our readers: Are there any improvements you'd like us to make to the magazine? Any changes you'd like to see? We put a lot of work into creating Knitch Magazine and we want to be sure that you're happy with our fashion magazine for knitters.

If you have any ideas to help improve it, we'd love to know what they are.

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