Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How many French bunnies does it take to make a frilly scarf?

Jean-Christophe of Anny Blatt USA sent me these fantastic photos of little French bunnies. These are the specially bred bunnies whose soft, luxurious fur is used to create the Anny Blatt Absolu yarn.

We've been inundated with orders for this yarn. I think that once one person saw it and felt it, word got out around the world!

I can tell you that I've never felt anything like it...and the first thing I did was grab a couple of balls to create a scarf so we could photograph it for you. It sure didn't take long to create because I used only a garter stitch throughout, and then I made a ruffle at each end. The yarn was so soft and pretty that it really demanded a special finishing touch.

Once the scarf was completed, Stefanie and Michele decided it needed a special photograph so they hired a model and set up a shoot. Stef did the hair and make-up and Michele is our wonderful photographer...who also does a zillion other jobs here at Yarnmarket.

I think I'll use this photograph in a lot of our ads because they did such a beautiful job on it. Don't you think so?

If you haven't yet read about Absolu yarn, you might want to have a look at it. It's so rare that each ball includes a Certificate of Authenticity! It's unbelievably soft and light. Really...you've just got to touch it once to be convinced that you MUST have it!

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