Friday, July 16, 2010

Knotty Knitters for Autism

Jan brought to my attention a great little calendar that was created for fund-raising: the Knotty Knitters. It features nude photos of the ladies, draped in knitted goods, and was created to help them raise money for autism.

What a fun idea!

I'd like to do something similar to raise funds for Torre Argentina in Rome, the cat sanctuary in the middle of the city.

If people don't send money, I'll post naked photographs of myself online. And there won't be any tastefully draped knitted goods.

Alex has informed me that he can't afford the legal fees. At minimum, I'd be guilty of indecency and extortion...and likely I'd be charged with several violations of the Geneva Convention.


Kathy said...

how bout a calendar of the Fab Feline felines w/the yarns they inspired? Felines reaching out to help other felines. Cat people would send $. Cats would send...good wishes---Kathy

Deborah Knight said...

What a fantastic idea! It's brilliant! I'll start working on it right away. Guess it'll have to be for 2011...or I'll be forced to sell it at half price.