Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey! I just won a writing contest at

Boy, oh wake up with a hangover, find out the next door neighbor's dog you're babysitting has chewed your eyeglasses into twisted, gnarly strips of metal and then you go to work where you know you'll never get ahead of the curve.

The next thing you know, you're checking your personal email (on company time) and you see one from

Because you know how funny their emails are, you open it up so you'll get a chuckle out of whatever depressing -- but bitterly witty -- message they've sent.

Imagine your surprise when you realize you've won their contest!

Yes, a couple of weeks ago I submitted my suggestion for a poster with a photograph of a fish within a fish. When I read all the entries, I didn't think I had a hope in hell of even making it to the finalists. I mean, is funny stuff.

Well, I was absolutely shocked to see that I'd won. And now I've got to spend my entire $750 prize buying up my posters.

So to all of you on my Christmas gift's a little preview of what you're getting this December.

Be sure to visit because their stuff is really good. I wrote about the T-shirt I bought from them in an earlier posting.

And, my poster?

Here's the blog item about the contest.


p allen said...

Are you the deborah knight that did the poster of the sea turtles for wildlif

Deborah Knight said...

Nope. Sorry. That wasn't me. There seem to be a lot of Deborah Knight's. I'm the old, cynical one.