Friday, April 30, 2010

Critter Emergency!!! Help save wildlife with Dawn Detergent

Yes, I know I'm a loon when it comes to animals. I'm glad to report that Alex has succumbed and is now just as nuts as I am.

We were outside speaking to our neighbor a couple of hours ago when we saw two geese and their four little goslings walking along the subdivision sidewalk toward the main road -- a road that is very busy. When we realized they were going to try to cross that road to get to all the other geese who've made a home in a field there, we knew we had to do something. So Alex and I stood guard over the geese as they slowly made their way up the street. It was so funny to see the little goslings tripping over their own big feet while the Daddy and Mama Goose urged them to keep up. When they approached the edge of our subdivision, they quacked like heck as they went through a split rail fence to get to the road. It was a challenge for the little guys. When they all reached the side of the road, Alex and I stopped the traffic in both directions to let them get across.

Drivers must have wondered why on earth two crazy people were waving their arms to stop traffic when there was no sign of an accident or obstruction. But I did see the lady in the first car grinning from ear to ear as she saw the geese walking across the road in front of her. And another car gave us a little honk and wave as they passed by after we'd re-opened Highway 204. We were so happy that we saved the goose family.

And that reminds me of what's going on down south. The oil spill is huge, and there's little doubt a lot of wildlife is going to be affected. Did you know that Dawn Detergent is the one used to clean oil off of birds and other animals that get covered in oil? I always buy Dawn just because I know it's the one that helps save the birds and critters.

Dawn is giving $1 for wildlife protection for every purchase of their detergent. But you've got to register online for them to make the donation. So please go to your cupboard and check to see if you've bought Dawn. If you have, visit their website so you can help contribute to a very, very good cause.

If you haven't got Dawn already, you might want to pick some up. It's the best grease-cutting detergent I've found so far...which is probably why it's been chosen to clean the animals.

It looks like we might have a nice weekend here for our Open House at Yarnmarket. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by. I need someone to help me eat all the cookies.


Connie said...

Thanks for the heads up! I usually buy Dawn also.

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